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    How to design a letterman jacket?

    You can design a letterman jacket by choosing the color, embroidery, letters, or number on the jacket, the sleeve color and material, and the material of the jacket. Once you figure everything out, you will have completed the look of your very own design letterman jacket.

    You can get a custom varsity jacket through the online store of William Jacket. William Jacket is a fashion brand that specializes in making all kinds of jackets, including varsity jackets. You can go to the custom jacket section of their website and fill out the details of the design of the customize varsity jacket in the form. The craftsmen at William Jacket will then get that custom letterman jacket or varsity jacket made from the design you gave them. William Jacket also makes custom varsity jackets with hood and embroidered sailor collar jacket for its customers.

    The cost of a custom jacket depends on the material and patches of the jacket. However, the average cost of a custom letterman jacket is 139 USD, even though the prices range from $129 all the way to $159. William Jacket charges $129 for the Satin, Cotton, and Denim letterman jacket. On the other hand they charge $139 for Faux Leather and Wool letterman jacket, $149 for the Genuine Leather jacket, and $159 for the Suede Leather jacket.