The Silent Patient Movie: All You Need to Know About This Movie

the silent patient

Novels are the recipe for success, especially when it comes to the mainstream media. Every great Film or TV series, for that matter, had its origin as a novel book. Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings are two names that come off the top of your head when speaking of novels adapted into movies with great success. Both are two of the biggest blockbuster media franchises of all time. Soon, there is going to be another one joining them in the form of The Silent Patient. The Silent Patient movie is a planned one, and it is based on a novel of the same name, which is written by a British–Cypriot author named Alex Michaelides. The novel is one of Alex’s best works to date. In this blog, we will take a look at the novel’s story and discuss the likelihood of it being adapted into a film.

The Story of The Movie


First, let’s get one thing clear before we get this article underway: The Silent Patient Movie is in the works. Now, with that out of the way, let’s focus on its story, which will be based on the novel, whether loosely or accurately. As for the story itself, it revolves around a woman who is found guilty of murdering her husband. However, its story is more than just solving a murder case or how it came about. Instead, it deals with the darkness and the twist of fates surrounding it. The killer, in this case, is a woman named Alicia Berenson, who goes on to murder her husband, Gabriel Berenson. The husband and wife are both artists, with the former being a photographer and the latter being a famous painter. After the murder, Alicia is held for trial, in which she is determined whether she is guilty or innocent. 

The verdict came soon after, and it was that she was found guilty of the crime of murdering her own husband. Due to a request for a reduced sentence, Alicia is saved from the hell of prison. Instead, she is sent to a secure Forensic unit called the Grove. At the Grove, a Forensic psychotherapist named Theo Faber takes an interest in Alicia’s case. He becomes quite fascinated and intrigued. His curiosity leads him to ask his superiors in a formal request that he should be the one treating her. Theo gets his wish granted, and he is assigned to Alicia’s case. But ever since the murder, Alicia has become silent and has not uttered a single word since. Despite her silence, Theo starts to make progress in her therapy. He even reduced her medication and granted her some privileges that she previously did not have.

The Twists And Turns Unveiling the Truth

Alicia’s silence hides a disturbing truth. In a turn of events, it is revealed that her therapist, Theo, is the masked man she wrote about in her diary. He is the one who broke into her home to expose her husband’s affair with his own wife. However, all of this is unbeknownst to Alicia, or at least the readers are led to believe so. After the break-in, Theo points the gun at Gabriel and Alicia and leaves the fate of both of their lives in the hands of Gabriel. He gave Gabriel two options: whether to choose himself and save his life or choose Alicia and save her life instead. As selfish as Gabriel was, he picked the former option and chose to save his own life as expected and left Alicia vulnerable in a lion’s den.

But Theo Faber’s intent, as malicious as it was, was just to reveal Gabriel’s real face to Alicia and expose his selfishness. Theo then left their house without harming both. However, upon coming to see the true version of her husband, Alicia confronts Gabriel. She was left shell-shocked after finding out the man she trusted, the husband she was married to, was this selfish. And during this intense confrontation and heat of the moment, Alicia ends up killing Gabriel. Afterward, when Alicia finally decides to speak up and shares the false story of the masked man, Theo realizes she recognizes him. In an attempt to silence her, he administers a fatal drug overdose. Unbeknownst to Theo, Alicia’s diary exposes his identity and actions, leading to his eventual arrest.

The Genre of The Silent Patient

The genre of the story of The Silent Patient is that of a psychological thriller, crime, drama, and mystery. Despite the bits and pieces of scenes of murders, the novel’s story is not a horror one but rather a psychological thriller, similar to that of Gone Girl or You TV series. In both, a person is overly obsessed and has sinister motives. And their way of reaching their motives can put others in harm’s way. It is fair to say that some people are just not right in the head. 

However, in the Gone Girl movie, a girl is playing the villain. On the contrary, in The Silent Patient, the girl is the victim of a domino effect in which a series of events and tragedies fall one after the other. The Silent Patient’s tone, on the other hand, is a much darker one. And just like those two names we mentioned, it deals with the darkest aspects of life. Whether it is murder, betrayal, regret, psychological warfare, or a twisted obsession, the Silent Patient has it all

How The Silent Patient Gets To You

How The Silent Patient Gets To You

The Silent Patient’s story is quite a thrilling one, and it can take you places you have never been before. As a matter of fact, The Silent Patient’s story goes above and beyond any psychological thriller. It is by far one of the most mind-twisting, mind-boggling, and brain-teasing stories you will ever come across. With so many turns and twists, you never know what to expect next. Rest assured, your mind will be introduced to things it didn’t know before. We can confidently say that reading this story or watching it when it gets made into a movie will get you confused for days. It will have you questioning life and reality. However, the intent of the novel’s story, or the movie for that matter, is not to drive you mad. In fact, it is the thrill of reading and understanding the story that captivates you and lures you in. 

In a way, it intrigues your mind, and you are so invested in reading it that you do not even realize how deep you have sunk into it. And once you do realize, you are not sure if there is any way to invest out of it if you want to. There is no going back, as your mind and heart are already introduced to the horrors and the tragedies that The Silent Patient possesses. The gravity of the story takes hold of you and overwhelms you to the point where there is no turning back. And all of these emotions flow in just by reading the writings in a book with no visualization to up the ante. So you can imagine what the scene will be like when the novel is adapted into a movie. And it is safe to say that whenever the movie does come out and hits the big screens, it will get you glued to your seat.

Will The Silent Patient Be Adapted Into a Movie?

The novel has been making quite some waves and making new fans every day. But what about the movie? Will there be a movie adaptation of The Silent Patient or not? Well, the answer to this question is not quite a simple one. Yes, there were talks of the novel being adapted into a film, and everything was verbally agreed until it wasn’t. You see, the issue here was that nothing was official. Everything was all just verbal talks, and no agreement of any sort was signed, ever. 

But that does not mean the idea of bringing the world of The Silent Patient movie to life is completely scratched off. The talks are still going on, and the movie is likely in the works by now. Two big names surfaced who people thought were in the pole position of making The Silent Patient movie become a reality. One was Brad Pitt’s production company called Plan B, and the other was Annapurna Pictures, which is managed by Megan Ellison. They agreed to a six-figure deal for the bragging rights, but only God knows what happened to that.

Possible Reasons for The Deal Not Panning Out

The talks of The Silent Patient movie are just as alive as the wishes of fans of the novel wanting to see it on the big screen. However, the pen hasn’t been put to paper just yet, and before anything gets finalized and becomes official, everything is just speculation. The fate of the movie hangs in the balance. And as of now, it is hard to say if a movie is forthcoming or not. Maybe the project has fallen apart due to a creative difference, scheduling conflicts, or casting problems. 

Whatever the reason, maybe we can only hope that The Silent Patient movie gets made as soon as possible so that we can get treated to some gold entertainment. While we cannot step in to solve the creative differences or decide what the right schedule for releasing the movie is, we can, however, give you a personal take on which actors we think would be best for the roles. So that whenever the talks of the potential cast go down, our opinions can be taken into consideration (or probably not). 

Stars That Would Perfectly Fit The Roles

Before we give our personal opinion on which actors would be more suited for the characters, it is important to know the main character. There are four main characters in The Silent Patient, and they are as follows:

Theo Faber, a psychotherapist.

Alicia Berenson, the silent psychotherapy patient who killed her husband.

Gabriel Berenson, husband of Alicia.

Kathy Faber, wife of Theo. 


As for The Silent Patient movie cast, we will start with Theo Faber. We think someone like Cillian Murphy could play Theo’s role. After all, he has experience playing a similar role in the form of  Dr. Jonathan Crane, also known as The Scarecrow. Just like Theo, Crane, too, had his own way of dealing with patients. Take Carmine Falcone, for example, as he was on the receiving end of Dr. Crane’s “treatment.” As for the role of Alicia Berenson, two Hollywood actresses pop into our minds: Rosamund Pike and Emily Blunt. 


Both actresses have their fair share of experience in playing psychological thrillers, with the former playing the lead role in a film called Gone Girl and the latter playing the main role in a film called The Girl on the Train. As for Alicia’s husband,  Gabriel Berenson, we suggest someone like Peter Greene could play the role. Why, you may ask, just randomly, I guess. Lastly, we think Isla Fisher would be a perfect fit for the role of Theo’s wife, Kathy Faber.

Similar Novels That Failed to Become a Movie

If it is any help to you, then The Silent Patient is not the only novel that failed to be adapted into a movie after having been already decided. There are two more novels and books that failed to be made into a movie, even though everything was planned out. One is “All of the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr, and the other one is “The Amazing Adventure of Kavalier and Clay” by Michael Chabon. One of the biggest film studios in the world, 20th Century Studios, even purchased the movie rights for All of the Light We Cannot See. 

But at the last moment, they instead opted to make a four-part Netflix miniseries for it. The same thing happened with The Amazing Adventure of Kavalier and Clay as Scott Rudin purchased the movie rights. Even the script was written by Michael Chabon, and the actors to play the lead roles were also decided in the form of Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire. But in the end, it was not quite meant to be, and the book was never adapted into a movie. We can only hope that those two movies, along with The Silent Patient movie, get made.


So there you have it, that is it for this blog on The Silent Patient movie 2022. We have done our best to share all the information that is available on the Silent Patient movie with you. Now, only time will tell whether the novel gets adopted for a movie or not. We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog and liked the story that The Silent Patient movie will have once it comes out. However, if you want to read more of our blogs, perhaps on Costume Guides, then you can do so by checking them out in the Blog section of our website. There, we have written costume guides on famous characters, stars, and celebrities such as Pitbull and many more. We post blogs on a regular basis, so make sure to stay tuned in and be the first one to read them when they come out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Silent Patient a movie?

No, The Silent Patient is not a movie. Instead, it is a novel that was intended for an adaption to the movie.

Is The Silent Patient movie on Netflix?

No, The Silent Patient is not on Netflix, as it has not even been made. However, it remains to be seen whether the movie will get made and whether it will be available on Netflix or not.

What is The Silent Patient movie release date?

As of now, no one really knows the release date of The Silent Patient as it is not even in the production phase. So it is hard to tell when it will come out.

What is The Silent Patient Movie Brad Pitt?

It was rumored that the production company called “Plan B,” which is owned by Brad Pitt, purchased the filming rights and took charge of producing The Silent Patient movie.