In The Dark Season 3: All You Need to Know About This Season

In The Dark Season 3 All You Need to Know About This Season

There is no shortage of great TV shows, and In The Dark TV show is right up there with them. It has been a treat to watch for lovers of TV shows. This American TV show was a great blend of crime, drama, and mystery, all put together. The show came to its conclusion on September 5, 2022, with the fourth season being its last one. However, three years later, the show is still being talked about and is on everyone’s mind long after it ended. That is all thanks to In The Dark season 3, which left a big impression on fans in the long run. The third season ended up becoming the show’s main highlight in the bigger picture. Whether you have already watched it or are looking forward to watching it, the season 3 In The Dark recap is worth talking about. 

Here in our review of season 3 In The Dark, we will talk about everything that made this season extra special and a memorable one. So hop in, buckle up your seats, and join us on this fun ride of In The Dark season 3 recap.

Story: In the Dark Season 3 Recap

The story of the show took a massive shift in dynamic with half a season in. And that is why we have split the season 3 recap In The Dark into two parts. That way, you can have a better understanding of the plot and the changes that took place within.

Picking Up Bits And Pieces

In The Dark season 3 episode 1 picks up right where season 2 left off, In which Murphy Mason, Jess Damon, Felix Bell, and Max Parish killed Nia Bailey and Ben. So, after going through such a horrific incident, devastating outcomes and consequences are in store for the people involved. After the murder, all four are trying their best to move on from it. But that is not only their main concern, as getting caught is another problem that arises. And with detectives Gene Clemens and Josh Wallace on the lookout, that possibility is becoming more like day by day. The detectives are lurking everywhere, hoping to get the slightest sniff of the whereabouts of those four so that they can punish them for their crimes. Murphy, however, is quite adamant about not getting caught, and she urges Jess, Felix, and Max to flee along with her. 

After some convincing, they agree to go along with her. In order to make the escape happen, all four get new identities that help them cross the border. However, they all split up and go their separate ways just to be safe. On the other hand, Gene and Josh are not giving in quite so easily, and they are hellbent on catching Murphy at all costs. While the group might have left trouble behind, or at least that’s what they thought, the trouble, however, didn’t leave them. After only a while, Jess got kidnapped, which made Murphy go look out for her. She got back in touch with Felix and Max and stayed with the former’s sister, Leslie. After one too many failed search attempts and with no sign of finding Jess, Felix and Max give up on her. They assume Jess is dead, but Murphy refuses to believe that.

Yet Another Twist In The Tale

Murphy found out that the new identity Jess acquired was also a missing person herself. She connected the dots and came to the conclusion that searching for that missing person would lead her to Jess. But at the same time, she has to keep herself from getting caught by the police as well. Jess’ absence took its toll on Murphy, who distanced herself from the group. And no one in the show or the viewers watching at home were sure whether Jess was alive or not. But Murphy became obsessed with finding Jess to the point where there was no going back, and her desperation made her lose all ties with reality. Murphy even started hallucinating and talking to Jess, which she pictured in her head. But she was firm on her belief and was committed to finding Jess. Through all her hard efforts, she eventually ended up finding Jess.

Even though Jess might have found the whereabouts of Jess, she, in a way, got lost herself, both mentally and physically. The way she went about finding Jess not only distanced herself from Felix and Max but also brought out her dark side, which was hidden all along. And that is not the only thing that Murphy has to worry about because as she was walking on thin ice, the walls were also closing in on her. The detectives Gene Clemens and Josh Wallace, whom she and others ran away from, are hunting her down. They are just an inch step away from tracking Murphy down and punishing her for her crimes. Upon learning the truth behind Jess going missing, she came face to face with reality. She realized the person she had become and that all this time, it was she who was at the root of all problems.

Episodes of Season 3

Episodes of Season 03

There were a total of 13 episodes in In the Dark Season 3, with each one serving as pivotal to the overall plot. The name of each episode of In The Dark season 3, along with their brief description, is listed as follows:

Ep.1 “Hanging by a Thread”

In The Dark season 3 episode 1 saw Murphy, Jess, Felix, and Max put their hand to work to make some well-needed changes after the events of the previous season’s last episode. Officer Clemens gets together with Josh to help him solve the biggest case of his career.

Ep.2 “I Know What You Did Last Night”

Murphy, Jess, Felix, and Max try to stay on their toes to avoid getting caught by Josh and Clemens, who have embarked on a mission to hunt the group down.

Ep.3 “Somewhere Over the Border”

Jess goes missing, leaving Murphy stranded and all alone at the bus station. Murphy must figure out how to get to Felix.

Ep.4 “Safe and Sound”

Murphy continues to see visions of Jess and makes a deal with Josh to turn herself in if he helps her find Jess. On the other hand, Josiah seeks Darnell’s help to hunt Murphy down.

Ep.5 “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”

Murphy embarks on a mission to find Jess and enlists help from an unlikely source. But Trey’s change in the plan gets both of them in a bit of a mess.

Ep.6 “Arcade Fire”

After walking on thin ice for far too long, Murphy gets arrested by Gene and Josh, who have been hot on her tail for some time now. However, Murphy manages to escape by making Gene and Josh argue with one another and is now looking for any news or information regarding Jess’ whereabouts.

Ep.7 “Pretty in Pink”

Murphy seeks shelter at Felix’s sister’s house. She figures out that the person who kidnapped Jess actually mistook her for Jennifer Walker, a person whose identity Jess assumed to cross the border.

Ep.8 “Power Trip”

A lot of romantic flings take place with Murphy in it. Murphy wants to know about Jennifer Walker, who we went missing a decade earlier. The group searches for Murphy’s phone and finds it in Trey’s possession, whose own phone is somewhere else.

Ep.9 “Excess Baggage”

The ninth episode of In the Dark Season 3 saw Felix and Murphy go looking for Jennifer Walker and seek information about her from her uncle and her mother. Meanwhile, Max and Felix decide to convince Murphy that she needs to accept that Jess is dead, but Murphy remains firm on her belief and refuses to believe otherwise. Murphy fends off Felix’s attempt to take her back across the border, and Murphy ends up arguing with him and lashes out at him.

Ep.10 “Home Run”

Murphy talks to Jennifer Walker’s mother and, after getting into a heated exchange, spills out all the truth. But her mother sets Murphy up with the police, and Murphy manages to get out of there just in time and escape with the help of an old boyfriend.

Ep.11 “Match Point”

Murphy gets a lead on Jennifer’s brother, Patrick Walker. She wants to meet him to see if he knows anything about Jess and where she is. But getting to Patrick is not quite easy, so Murphy instead tries to get to Jennifer’s friend in the hopes that she might know something about Jess. However, she can’t go visit her on her own. So she takes the help of a random truck driver and manipulates him to take her to Jennifer’s friend by flirting with him and seducing him.

Ep.12 “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

The second last episode of In the Dark Season 3 saw Murphy inches closer to solving the mystery behind Jess’ disappearance. At the same time, Murphy is also being looked for by Clemens and Josh, who are getting closer and closer to finding her so that they can arrest her.

Ep.13 “Expectation Is the Root of All Heartache”

The season finale was a banger, and it brought a season-long search to a conclusion. In the last episode of In the Dark Season 3, the truth behind Jess’ disappearance finally came to light, and it is not a pretty one. The gravity of the situation acts as a mirror for Murphy. It forces her to self-reflect and realize what kind of person she has become.

In The Dark Season 3 linked up very well with the second season. In The Dark season 3 episode 1 It picked up the second season’s story smoothly and allowed room for new viewers to get into the mix without getting too confused. The third season does a good job of referencing past season’s events. But it focuses more on the ongoing events, which, in a way, are a result of what happened in the past. As you know, the second season ended in a not-so-pleasant manner for all the characters. The second season saw the main character Murphy Mason, as well as Jess Damon, Felix Bell, and Max Parish, get in a bit of a raffle. The beef was with Nia Bailey and Ben, and during their confrontation, the group of all four ended up killing Nia and Ben. So, in the third season, devastating outcomes were in store for the people involved in the killing.

New Faces In The Dark Season 3 Cast


While the majority of the cast reprised the roles, there were, however, a few new names that were introduced in In The Dark Season 3. In The Dark season 3 cast saw seven new characters added in the form of Leslie Bell, Beau, Cindy, Redford Long, Lauren, Alex, and Kate Simmons. While Leslie was the most important one out of the recurring cast of In The Dark season 3, others also played their part in bringing the show to life. Everyone had their fair share of moments in the show, and each one of the cast members, whether main or recurring, made the show a great one. It is fair to say that the quality of the show speaks for itself, and it is all thanks to the contribution of the In The Dark season 3 cast. Their characters have shaped the story as it is.

Full Cast of In The Dark Season 3

There are a lot of interesting characters in In The Dark Season 3 that make the show a great one. As for the entire In the Dark cast season 3, it is listed as follows:

  • Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason
  • Brooke Markham as Jess Damon
  • Casey Deidrick as Max Parish
  • Keston John as Darnell James
  • Morgan Krantz as Felix Bell
  • Kathleen York as Joy Mason
  • Theodore Bhat as Josh Wallace
  • Matt Murray as Officer Gene Clemens
  • Marianne Rendón as Leslie Bell
  • Ana Ayora as Detective Sarah Barnes
  • Cortni Vaughn Joyner as Sam
  • Dewshane Williams as Trey
  • Alan Van Sprang as Keith Alper
  • Maurice Compte as Josiah
  • Kimberly Laferriere as Lauren
  • Aris Tyros as Beau
  • Claudia Jurt as Cindy
  • Stuart Hughes as Detective Miller
  • Joey Klein as Redford Long
  • Aiza Ntibarikure as Alex
  • Julie Khaner as Kate Simmons

Critics Review of Season 3

Here in this section, we will give you our personal review of In The Dark recap season 3 as well as what experts make of In The Dark season 3:

What Do Experts Say:

Pro-critic reviewers found the third season of In The Dark a bit pale in comparison to the second season. There is a recurring theme in Hollywood, or TV shows for that matter, where the sequels or follow-up seasons tend to be a bit low in quality as opposed to their counterparts. The reviewers found the third outing of In The Dark no different. Some of them found the storyline itself questionable, as in a realistic world, no blind person can kill a person with vision, let alone carry out all the investigations or findings. The plot did not make sense to them, and we can understand where they are coming from. Many of the critics even pointed fingers at the cast for their display of poor acting performances. However, it is all their opinion. We thought the third season’s story and the acting performances were quite entertaining and worth watching.

My Personal Take:

My opinion of In The Dark Season 3 is a good one, as I thought the show did a good job of resuming the second season’s events. I found the disappearance of Jess, as well as Murphy looking for her, quite thrilling and nail-biting. It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole outing. The overall plot of In The Dark season 3 was compelling, and the events that unfolded certainly grabbed my attention. I was also more interested in seeing the dark path that Murphy was headed. Another thing that was more fascinating to see was how, in search of Jess, she almost lost herself. Even though everyone was telling her that In The Dark Jess dies, she refused to believe it. 

And she went too deep in her pursuit of finding Jess. The self-reflection and realization bit at the end was more satisfying than anything. You reap what you sow, and in the last episode, Murphy got what she deserved. She also got the answer to the question that was looking so large, which was, “Is Jess dead in the dark.” Her actions and, more so, her behavior with the people around her were a bit annoying. So it was all pleasing to see when she learned of the fact that she is a horrible person, which should not have been shocking news in the first place, but it was. Better late than never, I guess.


So there you have it, that is it for our blog of In The Dark season 3 recap. We hope you had a good time reading it, as we tried our best to cover everything related to In The Dark season 3 in this blog. However, if you want to read more of our blogs other than this season 3 In The Dark recap, then you can take a look at our Entertainment page. We post blogs on a regular basis, so stay in touch with us. Until next time, take care and goodbye.

Does Jess die In The Dark season 3?

No, Jess did not die in In The Dark season 3 as she faked her death and escaped to live her life alone, working at a pet store.

Who played the role of Trey In The Dark season 3?

Dewshane Williams played the role of Trey in In The Dark season 3.