Marla Singer and Tyler Durden Costume From Fight Club For Halloween

Marla Singer and Tyler Durden Costume From Fight Club For Halloween

It is fair to say that the film Fight Club has cemented its place as well as its legacy in the history books. It is regarded as one of the greatest pieces of art that were put forth on the face of this planet earth. Whether the film suits your taste or not, you can’t deny that it is one of the greatest films ever made, if not the greatest. The film itself is a thing of beauty, one that only a true artist like David Fincher could come up with. He has directed the film to absolute perfection and deserves all the praise in the world for it. But one of the things that made Fight Club tick with the fans apart from its storyline was the breathtaking outfits of Tyler Durden and Marla Singer. We’ll discuss all those Marla Singer and Tyler Durden costume options in this blog. 

Tyler Durden Costume for Halloween

When speaking of handing flowers, we must also give Chuck Palahniuk the flowers he deserves, as he is the one that wrote the novel on which the film is based. He wrote the novel as well as it could be written. And not only that, but he also created the wonderful character of Tyler Durden, a character that is so complex and hard to understand. But novels cannot provide you with actual visuals, as only films can do that. And thanks to Fight Club’s costume designer, we now know how the character of Tyler Durden looks. Tyler Durden is the embodiment of style and fashion put into one body together. He has the looks of a rockstar in the 90s and has a sense of dressing like no other. Do not get me wrong; Tyler Durden is not an easy person to understand on the first meeting by any means. 

But your first glance at him will give you an idea of what his fashion choices are and will tell you all you need to know about his style. And that is one of the reasons why we think it would be a great idea if you took on dressing as Tyler Durden for this year’s Halloween. It is, after all, the most famous look and the one that will be instantly recognized no matter where you go. But in order to do that, you will need to wear the Tyler Durden costume, and only then will you be able to look like him. We are offering some of the best Tyler Durden Halloween costume options and will be talking about them in the section down below.

Tyler Durden’s Basic Cosplay Items

Tyler Durden Costume

If you want to dress like Tyler Durden, then there are a few things that you will have to do. First of all, you will have to get some of Tyler Durden’s basic clothing items that will go along with all of his different looks from the film. Tyler Durden wears these clothing items throughout the film. And even when you think he has put on a different look, he still has some of his basic clothing items on. If you look closely, then you will notice that he has used those clothing items and styled them with different outfits hence giving him a new look. And this is a great way to make the most of these Tyler Durden’s basic cosplay items. And you, too, can get them and pair them with all the different options of the Tyler Durden costume in this blog. They are listed down below.

Tyler Durden Hair Wig

Tyler Durden Hair Wig

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If you are taking on someone’s look to dress like them on the day of Halloween, then you have to do it right. And it does not matter whose look you take on, whether it is Tyler Durner or somebody else, you have to look like them completely. And that could only be done if you match your looks to the same as theirs from top to bottom. This includes the hair as well, so if you want to look like Tyler Durden, then you will have to wear his hair wig.

Tyler Durden’s Red Sunglasses

Tyler Durden Red Sunglasses

We are offering four different style options of Tyler Durden’s Red Sunglasses, and they are all listed down below:

The mystery of what it is that makes the character of Tyler Durden look so cool has been looming large ever since the film came out, until now. Because we think we have finally got an answer to this and have figured it out. Apart from all the charm and the demeanor and his stylish fashion statement, of course, it is Tyler Durden’s red sunglasses that makes him appear so cool. And if you want to look like Tyler Durden, then you have to get his red sunglasses. Only then will you be able to add an injection of life to your Tyler Durden Costume that you will be wearing on the day of Halloween.

Tyler Durden’s Red Jacket

Tyler Durden Red Jacket

We are offering three different style options for Tyler Durden’s Red Jacket, and they are listed as follows:

The red jacket of Tyler Durden is the one for the history books as it has asserted its place in pop culture history. This jacket has become something of a fan favorite for being one of the most iconic jackets of all time. The rockstar vibes that Tyler Durden has are because of this jacket, as it made him look like one in all of its glory. There is no other jacket that comes close to beating it in terms of looks. And that explains why we see Tyler Durden wearing this jacket from time to time on multiple occasions in the film. So if the look of this Tyler Durden costume appeals to you and you fancy wearing it on Halloween, then we suggest you get it right away. You can get Tyler Durden’s Red Jacket, the same as the one from the film, through William Jacket’s online store. 

Fake Cigarettes

Fake Cigarettes

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Yes, that is right, a cigarette and a fake one at that. Before we go any further, we would like to say that in no way, shape, or form do we condone smoking as it is way too injurious for your health. But as part of the looks of the Tyler Durden costume, a cigarette is an accessory item that is needed to imitate Tyler Durden’s look. And you may ask, why are we putting so much emphasis on getting a cigarette to complete Tyler Durden’s looks? Well, it is because Tyler Durden is a heavy chain smoker, and there are not many scenes in the film where he is not seen smoking a cigarette. We hope that you know the importance of a Cigarette in Tyler Durden’s cosplay look by now. 

Tyler Durden’s Shirts from Fight Club

Tyler Durden Shirts

We will now move on from the basic clothing items of the Tyler Durden costume to some of his best shirts from the film and offer them to you. All the clothing items, as well as the accessories that we talked about above, will work beautifully with the shirts that we will be featuring in this section down below. If there is one thing that Tyler does not wear over and over and instead keeps changing, it is his shirt, and he has many of them as well. Each shirt that Tyler Durden has is amazing in its own right. While you may fancy one over the other, there is no doubt that all of his shirts look good. We are giving you some of Tyler Durden’s best shirts from the film that you can wear to look like him, and we have listed all of them down below.

01 – Tyler Durden’s Hustler Shirt

Hustler Shirt

We are offering three different style options for Tyler Durden’s Hustler Shirt, and they are all listed down below:

This is by far the most popular shirt of Tyler Durden, and it is the one that describes him the best. Just like the text on the front of this shirt suggests, Tyler Durden is a true hustler who hustled his way all the way to the top. Now, what route he took to get there is a discussion for another day, but to have him put on this shirt was a sight to look at and something to behold. The shirt itself, however, is a thing of beauty. And you can wear it to complete the look of the Tyler Durden costume that you’ll be taking on for Halloween this year. But you must get the shirt itself first. You must be wondering where to find one, and we know just the right place where you can get it. That place is none other than William Jacket’s online store.

02 – Tyler Durden’s Sock It to Me Shirt


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This shirt is another one of those classics that Tyler Durden wore in Fight Club and made everyone fall in love with it. What makes this shirt more memorable is that it was worn by Tyler during one of the most important scenes of the film. In the scene, he gave an iconic speech about modern life which has gone down as one of the best speeches ever made in Hollywood history. As for this shirt, you can get it through the online store of William Jacket, and it looks just like the one he wore in Fight Club.

03 – Tyler’s Bee Healthy Eat Your Honey Shirt

Bee Healthy T-Shirt

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It is another one of those great shirts that you can get to complete the look of the Tyler Durden costume that you can wear on Halloween this year. And this shirt, too, is being offered to you by William Jacket, and you can get it from their online store.

04 – Tyler Durden’s All Over Printed Shirt

His All Over Printed Shirt

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This all-over printed shirt has to be worn with the Tyler Durden red jacket that we talked about above in his basic cosplay items section. This shirt has all the means to be worn both formally and casually, and it will work beautifully with any Tyler Durden costume you choose to pair it with. The online store of William Jacket is offering you this shirt as well.

05 – Tyler Durden’s Indy 500 Red Shirt

Tyler Durden Indy 500 Red Shirt

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The shirts keep on coming, and the list of Tyler Durden clothes keeps on getting bigger and bigger by the minute, and we love every bit of it. This Indy 500 Red Shirt is reminiscent of the good times and the fun we had seeing Tyler Durden go about his work in an epic fashion. And you can get this shirt from the online store of William Jacket to look as cool as Tyler Durden did in Fight Club.

06 – Tyler Durden’s Dancing Girls Shirt

Dancing Girls Shirt

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When we said that we were dedicated to bringing you some of the best Tyler Durden shirts, we meant every word of it. And this shirt of Tyler Durden is an example of that statement that you can wear to complete the look of the Tyler Durden costume you’ll be wearing this Halloween. Just like all the Tyler Durden outfits so far, you can get this shirt as well from the online store of William Jacket.

07 – Red Tie-Dye Bullseye Ringer Shirt

Red Tie-Dye Bullseye Ringer Shirt

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Tyler Durden wears some of the best clothes and looks the most stylish-dressed person out of everyone in the film. And this shirt is no different as it looks incredible, and it will work beautifully with the Tyler Durden jacket that you chose to wear it with. This shirt is offered to you by William Jacket, and you can get it through their online store because it bears the exact same resemblance to the one Tyler wore.

08 – Tyler Durden’s Stars Shirt

Stars Shirt

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When the stars shine for you, It is truly a beautiful sight to look at. But what’s more amazing and mesmerizing is if you get to wear those stars printed on a shirt. And that is what Tyler Durden did when he wore this Stars Shirt in Fight Club. You can get this shirt through William Jacket’s online store and wear it with the Tyler Durden costume.

09 – Tyler Durden’s Toucan Shirt

Toucan Shirt

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A Toucan is a beautiful bird, without a doubt, but it seemed even more beautiful when Tyler Durden wore a shirt that had its design on it. And you can also take on wearing this shirt with the Tyler Durden costume by getting it from William Jacket’s online store.

10 – Tyler Durden’s Maple Leaf Shirt

Maple Leaf Shirt

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This Tyler Durden shirt is the last one that we will be featuring in this blog. Tyler Durden wore this Maple Leaf shirt in Fight Club and looked as dashing as ever. This shirt is a true party-wear candidate that you, too, can take on wearing at casual parties or while you are chilling at a beach on a hot summer’s day. If you are wondering where to get this shirt, then there is only one place to get it from, and it is William Jacket’s online store.

Tyler Durden’s Other Outfits

There is more to Tyler Durden’s clothing than meets the eye, and there are far more items of clothing than we can talk about. His wardrobe ranges from his incredible outfits and shirts that we talked about to some accessory items that he wears throughout the film. But finding them all, let alone listing all of them in one place, was not an easy thing to do. Even though it was a difficult thing to do, we have managed to bring all of his outfits, as well as his accessory items from Fight Club, to you. You can get them to complete the look of the Tyler Durden costume. We will talk about these Tyler Durden outfits and accessory items as well as offer them to you in this section down below. 

Tyler Durden’s Coat

His Fur Coat

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The Tyler Durden fur coat is one of the most famous and iconic coats in the history of cinema. It is instantly recognizable and is adored by movie lovers around the world. So if, in any case, you decide to wear this fur coat on this year’s Halloween, then you will surely look the best. You can match this fur coat with some of the items of the Tyler Durden clothes to create the look of the Tyler Durden costume that you’ll be taking on. And if you’re wondering where to find this fur coat that looks the same as the one from Fight Club, then you can get it through William Jacket’s online store.

Tyler Durden’s Round Glasses

Tyler Durden Round Glasses

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It was not just the wide range of Tyler Durden outfits that the handsome guy kept on changing as he wore an abundance of different pairs of sunglasses as well. Most of the time, he went with the red sunglasses that we talked about above, but at times he wore these Round Glasses as well. So if you fancy this pair of round sunglasses rather than the red one, then you can wear this one with the Tyler Durden fur coat to complete his look.

Tyler Durden’s Red and White Cafe Racer Jacket

Tyler Durden Biker Jacket

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Yes, we know that you were starting to wonder when we are going to talk about the elusive Tyler Durden leather jacket that we know everyone clearly and dearly loves. And now is the time when we finally talk about it as well as offer this incredible Red and White Cafe Racer Jacket that Tyler Durden wore in Fight Club. This jacket is the go-to choice of outwear for men all over the world. And it only makes sense if you took on wearing this jacket on the day of Halloween this year to look like Tyler Durden, especially if you love riding bikes. You can wear this jacket if you intend to take your bike on the roads and ride it on this year’s Halloween, as this jacket will fit the occasion perfectly. You can get Tyler Durden’s red and white jacket through the online store of William Jacket.

Tyler Durden’s Simpson Vest

His Vest

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We were all caught off guard when Tyler Durden wore this breathtaking Simpson Racing vest in Fight Club. But we should have known it better and seen it coming, as we only expect the most creative fashion statements from Tyler Durden. And they are always out of the box as well. Wearing a vest that is inspired by a motorsports performance parts company only made the fact a bit more obvious that Tyler Durden is something of a racing enthusiast himself. You can get this Tyler Durden’s Simpson Racing vest through the online store of William Jacket, as it looks just like the one he wore in the film.

Tyler Durden’s Purple Bathrobe

Tyler Durden Bath Robe

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If there is someone that can look stylish wearing a bathrobe on an early morning, then it is Tyler Durden. Although there is not much purpose to a bathrobe other than wearing it in the mornings or while you’re trying to chill at home, it is still just as iconic. You can get this bathrobe as a part of the Tyler Durden costume. And there is only one place where you can find it, and it is the online store of William Jacket.

Tyler Durden’s Suit


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Tyler Durden can wear just about any type of clothing. He has all the tools in his inventory that he can use, along with his sense of dressing to create a stylish look. Whether it is a smart casual look or a classy formal look, Tyler Durden can do it all. And his versatility in terms of fashion choice became more apparent when he took on wearing this gorgeous suit. The suit itself was white in color, but it had black stripes all over it that made it stand out from the crowd. And this made Tyler Durden look stylish in the process, which is why we think you should also wear this suit. And who else could offer this suit to you other than William Jacket themselves? Along with all the items of the Tyler Durden costume, you can get this suit from their online store as well.

Tyler Durden’s Sweatshirt


His Sweatshirt

There are not many that can make fashion statements quite like Tyler Durden makes it. He can put on any style he wants from any type of clothing he fancies wearing. To put it into perspective, he is a genius in terms of choosing an outfit and styling it perfectly to create an amazing look that matches his personality. And did just that when he wore this sweatshirt with a pair of blue jeans that made him look incredible in Fight Club. You can casually wear Tyler Durden’s Sweatshirt with your outfits on a daily basis to look like him. The sweatshirt can be bought through the online store of William Jacket, and it looks exactly the same as the one Tyler Durden wore in the film.

Tyler Durden’s Camo Pant

Tyler Durden Camo Pants

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These camo pants are the last piece of Tyler Durden’s clothing that we will be talking about in this blog. Tyler Durden wore these Camo pants with the Maple Leaf Shirt that we talked about above. You can also do the same pairing and complete the look of this Tyler Durden costume that you can wear on the day of Halloween this year.

Tyler Durden’s Soap

Fight Club Soap

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How can we forget about the soap, the thing that started it all in the first place? It was the soap itself that kicked things off and made the Narrator impressed with Tyler Durden and his freedom to do anything he wanted. This initial impression is what started the relationship between the Narrator and Tyler Durden, even if it was a made-up one in the Narrator’s head. But if you are looking to put on any Tyler Durden costume from this blog, then you have got to have his soap as well. Because otherwise, your look might not have as much of a strong effect as it can have with Tyler Durden’s Soap.

Tyler Durden’s Clout Goggles 

Tyler Durden’s Clout Goggles

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The trend of fancy-looking clout goggles started in the 90s, as it was a really big thing back then. And Tyler Durden is no stranger to the latest style trends, and he does not miss a beat to keep up with whatever style that’s floating out there. He did the same thing with the Clout Goggles when he wore them in the film and took everyone by surprise. And if you are someone that faces wearing these goggles, then we highly recommend you wear Tyler Durden’s Clout Goggles, as they look incredible. These goggles will also represent you as a fan of his.

Tyler Durden’s Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage Sunglasses

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This is the last item of the Tyler Durden costume that you can wear in order to look like him on this year’s Halloween. Tyler Durden wore many different types of sunglasses throughout Fight Club, and these Vintage Sunglasses were one of them. You can wear these sunglasses to parties and raves as they have a really cool and casual vibe to them.

Marla Singer Costume For Halloween

In the midst of all the doom and gloom, Marla Singer, who is one of the main characters of Fight Club, is the one that feels real the most. She is as real as it gets, even if her antics suggest otherwise. She is the one that talks some sense to the Narrator, who himself is having a hard time trying to figure out what is real and what is not. According to Chuck Palahniuk, who is the writer of the novel Fight Club, Marla Singer represents reality in the film. And the film showed us that she, too, has a knack for fashion and knows a thing or two about wearing stylish clothes. We will look at some of her best fashion statements in the film as well as offer those clothing to you. You can then wear them to look like Marla Singer on Halloween’s day this year.

Marla Singer’s Fur Coat

Her Fur Coat

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We will get Marla Singer’s looks underway with her iconic fur coat. This fur coat is the first clothing item that comes to our mind when we think of the Marla Singer costume. Over the years, the popularity, as well as the demand for this fur coat, has grown ten folds. And the reason for that is Marla Singer wore this fur coat throughout Fight Club, which itself has gone down in history as one of the best films ever made. And this fur coat ended up becoming an important part of that shared success. So realizing its importance, we think this fur coat should be the first and foremost item of clothing that you should get if you intend to look like Marla Singer. And there is only one place where you can get it, and it is through the online store of William Jacket.

Marla Singer Hair Wig

Marla Singer Hair Wig

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If you intend to dress as someone and look like them, then you need to completely match their outward appearance and facial features, which includes their hair as well. And that is why you must get Marla Singer’s Hair Wig to have your hair look just like hers. This way, when you put on the Marla Singer Costume, you can look just like her.

Marla Singer’s Fake Cigarettes 

Fake Cigarettes

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If there is something that you will see quite often in Fight Club, it is cigarettes being smoked every now and then. There’s hardly a scene without it, and it is something that Marla Singer has in common with Tyler Durden. She, too, is a heavy chain smoker herself and does not go a day without smoking it. And in order to look like her as well as complete the Marla Singer Halloween costume look, you must get the cigarettes. They are, after all, a part of Marla Singer’s character and an accessory item that is required to pull off her look.

Marla Singer’s Black Bucket Hat

Marla Singer Hat

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This hat is another one of Marla’s accessory items, which you will have to get to dress as Marla Singer on this year’s Halloween. Marla Singer wore this fedora hat throughout Fight Club, and ever since then, this hat has become the staple of women’s fashionable style. You can put this hat on top of Marla’s Hair Wig and wear it with all of Marla Singer’s looks that we have featured in this blog.

Marla Singer’s Black Sunglasses

Marla Singer Black Sunglasses

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With all the clothing and accessory items being black so far, Marla Singer’s look will make you think that she is dressing for a funeral. And even if her black clothing suggests that she is here to attend someone’s funeral, that is quite not the case. As most fashion choices come with personal taste and liking, Marla Singer’s fashion statements revolve mostly around the black color. And even when she wore Sunglasses in Fight Club, they too were black in color. So we suggest you do the same and take on wearing a pair of Black Sunglasses as they are an important accessory item that is part of Marla Singer’s look.

Marla Singer’s Black Boots

marla singer boots

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Yes, you guessed it right, her boots are black too. But we will have to give it to her, as these boots look stylish a lot. Marla Singer does not compromise her fashionable looks in any case, and no matter what the circumstances are, she makes sure to look good at all times. And when it came to choosing the right footwear, Marla Singer went ahead and picked the most stylish ones of them all, which were black boots. These boots look a lot more classy than some other casual shoes available these days. And that is why you must wear them in order to complete the look of the Marla Singer costume that you will be taking on Halloween this year.

Marla Singer’s Name Tag

Her Name Tag

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The name Marla Singer does not need any kind of introduction whatsoever, as everyone knows who she is. She is the last person that needs to tell her name and let everyone know who she is. But in the film, it was quite the opposite case. And as part of Marla Singer’s story in Fight Club, her character had a name tag on it that said, “Hello, my name is Marla.” That is why you will have to put this name tag on your costume of Marla Singer as well. Besides, this name tag will provide a much better and clear idea to the people around you on the day of Halloween. This name tag will let everyone know which character’s look you have taken on.

Marla Singer’s Ring

Her Ring

Buy Her Ring

This ring is the last accessory item of Marla Singer that we will be featuring before we bring this blog to an end. Just like any classy lady, Marla Singer wore a ring to keep her style in check. You can also wear a ring of your liking to complete Marla Singer’s look, or if you fancy, then you can wear the one we have picked for you. All fashion enthusiasts take on wearing this ring as it looks incredible.


That is all for today, folks! We would now like to wrap up this blog and bring it to a close. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as I did writing it. And if you stayed with us right to the end, then we hope you got multiple outfit options for the Tyler Durden costume as well as the Marla Singer costume. You can choose the costume you like most and wear it to dress as Tyler Durden or Marla Singer on Halloween this year. If you need more Halloween Outfit Ideas, then you can visit the online store of William Jacket and get the outfit you like from there. To read more blogs similar to this, stay tuned with us because we will be posting many more articles on outfit ideas in the future. Until then, goodbye and have a nice one!