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Maggie Q Will Get New Sequel Cast in The Portege 2

Maggie Q Will Get New Sequel Cast in The Portege 2

It feels important to reiterate how fantastic the Martin Campbell-directed action movie The Protégé is before we can talk about the possibility of The Protege Sequel. Anna is a talented contract killer played by Maggie Q, raised and taught by Samuel L. Jackson’s Moody. Anna begins her search for Moody’s killer after he is killed. Yes, it’s that straightforward, yet The Protégé manages to stand out thanks to a series of masterfully designed set pieces and Q’s strong lead performance.

If you’ve seen her work in projects like Mission: Impossible III and The CW’s Nikita, you’ll know she’s the perfect choice for this role. And sure enough, she delivers big in the finished movie. The Protege Maggie Q delivers so big that the character deserved her action film franchise, similar to John Wick.

Given this context, it probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that I felt compelled to ask Q during Collider Ladies Night my self-described “obnoxious question” concerning the likelihood of a The Protege Sequel. She couldn’t promise anything, but she did tease.

It’s difficult for sequel possibilities to be dependent on box office success right now, but with that finale, in particular, let’s hope The Protégé receives the attention it merits to warrant more.

The Protégé’s Maggie Q says she’s open to a sequel. The Protégé depicts the tale of Anna, who was raised as an assassin by Moody, portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson, after being saved as a young child. After Moody is killed, Anna embarks on a mission of vengeance. In addition to Denzel Washington, the movie also features Michael Keaton and Robert Patrick. Richard Wenk wrote the scripts for both of Denzel Washington’s Equalizer movies. Martin Campbell, who is best known for directing the two James Bond films, GoldenEye and Casino Royale, is the director of The Protégé.

Q was questioned about The Protege 2 during her appearance on Collider Ladies Night (via Collider), to which she replied, “I would love more.” She talks about how much fun the movie is for the audience. She would like to work with Campbell and the ensemble again. To her comment, Q adds a qualification that a sequel would entirely depend on how well the movie did with audiences. See Q’s remarks down below:

“I would love more. I don’t think I’ve ever really said that. First of all, this cast, but also, I want to work with Martin again, and I think it would be really fun to team up again on something like this. We did leave it open, and so we shall see. And it’s not obnoxious. It’s fun! It’s like, listen, if audiences respond to it, we’ll probably get to. If they don’t, then, you know, it’s a different story, but we’ll see.”

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