Worst Celebrity Costumes from The Boys TV Show

Worst Celebrity Costumes from The Boys TV Show

The Boys is one of the best trending superhero show these days. It has grown popular among fans who are thoroughly entertained by its storyline, thanks to Eric Kripke, who directed it. It has outstanding and thrilling scenes that feature amazing performances from Antony Starr, Karl Urban, and others. But what fans adore the most about the show is its constantly expanding cast. There are superheroes who can be recognized by their distinctive outfits. But some superheroes might require a fresh look. The show offers some of the greatest superhero costumes these days. But despite that, the star-spangled cape of Homelander might be too obvious. And that’s not all, as Vought’s other heroes have even worse outfits. We’ll be counting down the seven worst worst celebrity costumes outfits in this blog today and talk about why they made this list. We will also be offering them to you, so let’s get into it.

The List of Worst Celebrity Costumes

Queen Maeve’s Armor

The armor or the Leather Corset of Queen Maeve is silly when not in combat and the first on our list of worst celebrity costumes. When Queen Maeve is fighting against Homelander or posing for pictures for one of Vought’s films, this armor looks magnificent. But this armor appears a bit silly when she is just hanging around Vought Tower. Maybe it was intentional, or maybe it wasn’t; who knows? Either way, it serves to emphasize the show’s main message: heroes can only shine the brightest when everyone’s eyes are on them. The difference between Maeve suiting up for a battle and going about her everyday activities is very different. You can also have a try at this full-body armor suit of Queen Maeve that we are offering. This corset is made from the best PU leather material to make sure it is enduring and long-lasting. You can look like Queen Maeve by wearing the armor that she wore.

Blue Hawk’s Costume

If we have to be honest, then Blue Hawk is the most likely person to believe his costume is good. Blue Hawk has nothing more than a biker appearance. His outfit is basically a biker costume. The costume seems to be designed intentionally to go along with his type of power-driven manliness. Blue Hawk’s appearance is further enhanced with a ridiculous-looking helmet. The traditional “tough-guy” leather jacket has so many unnecessary clasps on top of hideous body armor that it would make Rob Liefeld feel shy. The shape of the jacket makes his head look much bigger than it actually is. It has a fat and round upper section as well. Overall, he looks like a jerk cosplaying as a cop, which is the perfect match for his character.

Starlight’s Season 1 Costume

It is important to note that there is nothing wrong with someone wanting to display more skin or express their sexuality in whichever way they feel suitable. But the Starlight’s Boys costumes in seasons one and two were simply too sexualizing for her. The main problem with the costume of Starlight in the first season of The Boys is that it was altered against her choice in order to boost her outward looks. She is made to don a plunging leotard without stockings in place of her fashionable gloves, endearingly idealistic cloak, and helpful headpiece. Fortunately, by Season 3, Starlight had reclaimed her independence and changed the way she looked. Among other The Boys TV Show Cast Jackets, her Denim Jacket was the one that was trying too hard to look appealing.

Shock Wave’s Costume

Although Shockwave appeared very briefly in the first season of The Boys, he had the same appearance as A-Train. He was represented as the main speedy rival of A-Train. His sprinting abilities, without a doubt, challenge the incredible pace of A-Train. But Shockwave’s outfit fails to cross the finish line. The orange color theme would have worked out pretty well. But it is ruined by these flashy and pointless grey accent pieces. They look like they are glued-on rubber. In addition, Shockwave does not have much of the safety gear in comparison to A-Train’s suit, which makes the latter look so amazing. It is hard to envision how great it will feel to smash bugs at Mach-5 without a chest piece. Have a look at The Boys Tv Show Cast Cosplay Costumes that we are offering.

A-Train Smiling with Glasses On


The Season 3 Redesign of A-Train was designed to make fun of his community. A-Train is concerned about keeping his fan base interested in him due to the fact that he cannot run at super-speed in Season 3 anymore. His main goal is to change his ways for the better and come out as a revolutionized “Black” superhero. And the consequences of that are as embarrassing as one could think of. His outfit is a prime example of a visual representation of this change. It has been changed with a color theme that looks like the South African flag. Things got even funnier when he used the outfit to promote commercialized “middle-ground” propaganda. The propaganda featured cop brutality and energy drinks. This helped to highlight how terrible the outfit is. You can have a look at A-Train’s Blue Jacket that we are offering to understand what we are saying.

Black Noir’s Costume


Black Noir’s attire is all at once disturbing, terrifying, and wholly uninteresting. He has the appearance of a lost hockey goalkeeper or a quarterback. All because of the all-black costume with no branding or markings. Noir becomes much more unsettling when combined with Nathan Mitchell’s excellent non-verbal representation. Black Noire is, without a doubt threatening in the conventional sense. But we have to admit that we get antisocial vibes from him because of his outfit despite his excellent performance. He looks like someone that spends more time on the dark web than he does outside of it. This Black Noir Leather Jacket that we are offering is a fine example of that. This was the second last one in the list of worst celebrity costumes.

Gunpowder’s Costume

Most of Gunpowder’s outfit is ammunition. He was a part of Payback, and when Soldier Boy was still a Vaught supe, he served as his sidekick. He seemed to have superhuman aim and the ability to foresee the deadly path of ricocheting bullets. When Butcher finds Gunpowder at a gun expo, he experiences the first of his Temp V talents. Gun-toting zealots who center their whole persona on their guns are the target market for Gunpowder’s outfit. Besides sporting goods and ammo, not much else is going on here. Other than him, we are offering The Boys TV Show Cast Coats that you can wear this winter. You can casually wear The Boys TV Show Cast Tracksuits. This was the last one on our list of worst celebrity costumes.