American Psycho Girl Costume Guide For Halloween

American Psycho Girl Costume

History books are filled with heroes and their tales of triumph. The same goes for the world of cinema, in which films are mostly about heroes and the nice guys playing them. But even then, on a few rare occasions, the villains manage to steal the spotlight because of their badass personalities. And lately, an obsession among the viewers has been created for villains. When speaking of villains, there’s no one quite like American Psycho’s protagonist Patrick Bateman. He is truly a maniac and takes the cake for being the most menacing villain. There is no one that can match his psychopathic nature as he leads the double life of an investment banker and a serial killer. Even though Patrick Bateman is a male character, females can also dress as him for Halloween. In this blog, we’ll look into the American Psycho Girl Costume, which girls can wear on Halloween.

Patrick Bateman’s American Psycho Girl Costume

You can look like a true psychopath on Halloween by dressing as Patrick Bateman. But before you can take on the look of Patrick Bateman, you will first have to get all of his clothing items that are required to complete his look. These clothing items are listed below as follows:

American Psycho Girl Costume Look

The problem with the look of Patrick Bateman before was that the girls could not dress like him. But we thought it should not be this way, and we believe if you are a girl, then it should not stop you from channeling your inner psychopath of Patrick Bateman. So we decided to change that narrative by finding a solution for this problem. Girls can now dress as Patrick Bateman to enjoy all the festivities to the fullest and to make their Halloween eventful.

The problem before with dressing as Patrick Bateman for Halloween was mainly his clothes. So we got rid of that problem for you, as we are offering you an American Psycho Girl Costume that you can wear to make the most of your Halloween season. If you want to look like him, then you will have to wear his costume exactly the same way in which he wore it. 

To get this look of American Psycho Girl Costume going, you will have to get Patrick Bateman’s Psycho Killer Costume for Women first of all. Once you have gotten the costume, then you will have to get Patrick Bateman’s Suit for Women. You will have to wear the suit under the Psycho Killer Costume.

As for your footwear, then you can go for a pair of simple but stylish Women’s Webster Loafers. After that comes the turn for some of the accessories that are needed to pull off this look. You will need to put on some Fake Squirt Blood Makeup in order to look like Patrick Bateman. Last but not least, you will have to get the axe of Patrick Bateman to complete this look. If you have carefully followed all the steps so far, then you will end up looking like Patrick Bateman. You can use this look to dress as Partick Bateman on Halloween.

Patrick Bateman’s American Psycho Costume For Men

Apart from the American Psycho girl costume, we are featuring Patrick Bateman’s look for men as well. To get this look of Patrick Bateman underway, you will have to get some of his clothing items that are listed below:

American Psycho Costume For Halloween

We know that this blog is about American Psycho Girl Costume, but how can we leave out men from it? After all, this look is inspired by Parick Bateman, who is a male character. Men can make their Halloween the one to remember by dressing as the most psychotic serial killer they can ever come across. What makes the look of Patrick Bateman the right candidate to take on is that he is loved by people for his psychotic personality mixed with humor. He goes on about killing people he knows or just meets without any reason at all, and this makes him different from other serial killers. He goes on this killing spree while leaving the double life of a wealthy investment banking executive. All of this makes him one of the best serial killers of all time, and choosing his look for Halloween is the way to go.

To take on this look, you must get Patrick Bateman’s Suit for Men first and foremost. After that, you will have to wear Patrick Bateman’s White Shirt for men under the suit. To complete the look of Patrick Bateman’s suit, you will have to put on a Red Tie as well. Once the look of the suit is completed, you’ll then have to wear Patrick Bateman’s Psycho Killer Costume for Men over the suit. The Patrick Bateman American Psycho Costume is necessary to pull off Patrick Bateman’s look. As for your footwear, then you can go with a pair of Oxford Shoes for men. You will have to put on some Fake Squirt Blood Makeup to look like you just murdered someone. Lastly, you must get the Toy Axe of Patrick Bateman to complete this look. This way, it will bring the vibes of a serial killer to your look. 

American Psycho Halloween Costume for Couples

We never thought that this would be possible, but when we think about a couple looking like Patrick Bateman, it makes more and more sense. This look has never been tried before, and even if it did, there is no record to show for it. Usually, when couples wear the American Psycho Halloween Costume, only one of them goes for his look. So we think it would be a great idea if both you and your partner looked like Patrick Bateman together at the same time. Your couple will be the first one to take on this look for Halloween this year by wearing an American Psycho couples costume. This way, you will look different from others as well as attract the attention of everyone at this year’s Halloween parties. Women can wear the American Psycho Girl Costume, whereas guys can wear the men’s version of the American Psycho costume.


That is all for today, folks. As we are coming to a close, we would like to wrap up this blog in the best way we can. We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog and stayed with us all the way to the end. We also hope that you liked the American Psycho Girl Costume that we talked about above. You do not have to think twice about going with the American Psycho Girl Costume For Halloween this year. The sexy American Psycho costume is one of the best looks you could ever take on. If you had a great time reading this blog, make sure to check out more of our Blogs in the future as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to watch American Psycho?

You can easily watch American Psycho by streaming it online on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max. You can also buy or rent American Psycho on Google Play and Apple TV.

What is American Psycho about?

The story of American Psycho is about a wealthy New York City investment banking executive who has a psychotic personality and lives a double life of a serial killer.

When does American Psycho take place?

The story of American Psycho takes place in the year 1987.

How old was Christian Bale in American Psycho?

The age of Christian Bale, when he played the role of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, was just 25 years old.

Why is American Psycho Rated R?

American Psycho is Rated R because it contains graphic and violent scenes such as killing, fights, and strong language, which might scare or disturb children under the age of 17. It also contains explicit scenes, such as adult activity and nudity, that children under 17 years should not watch without parental guidance.

What happened at the end of American Psycho?

At the end of American Psycho, Patrick Bateman finds out that his secretary Jean has seen the drawings of the murders in his office journal. And as a result, he calls his lawyer, Harold Carnes, to confess all his killing. He confessed to murdering his ex-girlfriend, his fellow investment banker Paul Allen and some homeless people whom he killed without any reason. But his lawyer takes the confessions as a joke, and later Bateman joins his friend, where he is not sure if he really killed all those people or if it was all just in his head.

Why is American Psycho so popular?

American Psycho is just as popular these days as when it first came out in 2000 due to the character of Patrick Bateman. He is so intriguing and scary due to his double life as a serial killer. But at the same time, he is so interesting and fun to watch. This complex personality separates him from the usual rich investment banker. And all of this makes him one of the best characters in Hollywood and, in turn, makes American Psycho the one to watch.