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Chrissy Stranger Things: All You Need To Know About Her

Chrissy Stranger Things

The ways in which we see mainstream media have changed a lot in recent times. Long gone are the days when we used to wait for our favorite TV shows to air, as these days, we can watch them at any given time and at any given place. All of this became possible thanks to the streaming platforms, which brought this change upon us and revolutionized the world of mainstream media. But these platforms did not stop there as they took on making TV series of their own, with Stranger Things being the pinnacle of them all. The show has become the standard upon which all TV series made these days are judged. While fans of Stranger Things know all about the show’s story and its character, there might be some that don’t know about Chrissy Cunningham. In this blog, we’ll take a look into the character of Chrissy Cunningham.

Who is Chrissy in Stranger Things?

Who is Chrissy in Stranger Things

Chrissy Cunningham is one of the featured characters of Stranger Things. She appeared in the first episode of the fourth season of the show. Chrissy is a resident of the small midwestern town of Hawkins, Indiana. She is the daughter of Phillip and Laura Cunningham and was born on June 13, 1968. Chrissy studied at Hawkins Middle School, which she started attending in 1979. She was a good student and became a cheerleader after taking part in the school’s talent show. She did a cheerleading routine in it alongside Eddie Munson, who was a guitarist of a metal band called Corroded Coffin. Chrissy had life all figured out, as she had a perfect life that one could dream of. She had it all planned out, and everything was on track. Things at Highschool were going well for her, and she became the lead cheerleader of the Hawkins High Cheerleading Squad.

As a result, Chrissy became the most popular girl in her school and was called the “queen of Hawkins High.” This popularity helped grow her status in school. She started dating Jason Carver, who was the captain of the school’s basketball team. Everything was going great, but then out of nowhere, things started going sideways for her. Although her life looked perfect from the outside, it was quite the opposite story on the inside. She was suffering from an eating disorder due to her mother scolding her all the time. The popularity of the school didn’t help either, as being the leader of the Hawkins High Cheer Team came with huge pressure. This pressure was mounting on Chrissy, and there was only so much that she could handle. It made her struggle, and while she was trying her best to hide her depression, it eventually got the better of her.

The Ill-Fate of Chrissy

who plays chrissy in stranger things

Things got from bad to worse for Chrissy as she started suffering in terms of health as well. She had headaches six days a week. On top of that, she became a drug addict. But that is not even the worst part because she started to experience some demonic and psychotic episodes. Chrissy started to see disturbing hallucinations that made her unsettled and unwell. And at the end of these visions, she saw a scary humanoid calling her from another dimension and chasing her down. Unbeknownst to Chrissy, all of this was the work of Vecna, who is the main antagonist of the show. Vecna was preying on Chrissy’s trauma, and the visions were just a symptom of that. The visions became regular as Chrissy started seeing demonic creatures on a daily basis. In these visions, Vecna would sometimes take the form of her mother in order to taunt Chrissy.

Vecna did that in order to taunt Chrissy and mimic her psychologically distressing memories of her mother scolding her. And in the end, it worsened her mental state and made her want to do even more drugs. Things became far worse than anticipated when Chrissy and Eddie Stranger Things conducted a drug trade in the woods. There she heard a clock strike of a grandfather clock whose glass face shattered, and countless tiny spiders emerged from within. Chrissy got scared, and as she was backing away from it, she bumped into Eddie. By that time, the clock had disappeared, but the incident’s trauma on Chrissy was still present. Another similar incident took place later that day when Chrissy went inside the trailer of Eddie to get some drugs. Eddie left the van, and as Chrissy was all alone there, she heard the clock strikes and saw the visions once again.

The Final Straw 

This incident turned out to be the final one of Chrissy’s life as it pretty much put the nail in the coffin as such was the intensity of it. The toll and the effect that this incident had on Chrissy were too much for her to bear. And as a result, Chrissy ended up giving her life away to it. But before she died, she saw she was in a large house rather than a trailer of Eddie. And then visions followed in which Chrissy saw Vecna disguised as her mother sitting in a chair. Her mother called out to Chrissy in desperation as she was sewing a dress. The voice then deepened into a creepy groan, and when the face turned around, it revealed to be a demonic face. A series of events followed afterward in which Chrissy found herself in a corridor standing beside the door.


She shut the door to prevent Chrissy mom Stranger Things from getting to her. She couldn’t keep the door shut for long as the demon eventually opened it. Chrissy then ran down a flight of stairs and saw her dad sitting in a chair. As her dad’s face around, his eyes were gouged out, and his mouth was sewn shut, causing Chrissy to scream in terror. When Eddie returned, he saw Chrissy standing in a catatonic state. He tried his best to wake her up, but the visions were too strong, and Chrissy was way too lost in it. The lights in Eddie’s trailer started flickering, whereas Chrissy was screaming for help. But the voices that kept calling out to Chrissy started to come closer. It was a tall creature that touched Chrissy’s face and told her to stop crying and that it was time for her suffering to end.

The Death of Chrissy in Stranger Things

Death of Chrissy Stranger Things

It was pretty evident at this point that the end for Chrissy was near. But it was more the way in which she died that remains a sight to be horrified with. The silhouette of a tall creature groaned as it stomped through the hallway, and the fear of Chriss intensified. And when it finally got to her, it reached its claw over her face. And the viewers see another shocking thing in this series of scary events when Chrissy starts levitating. This brought fear into the hearts of the viewers. And while she was levitating, she was then slammed to the ceiling back first. The injuries she suffered, as a result, were catastrophic as her limbs began to twist and snap in almost a brutal manner. 

But that was not the end, as her jaws started to twist and snap as well. It was followed by her eyes getting burst. All of this scared the living life out of Eddie, who, upon seeing all of this, fled away from the place as fast as he could. That was that for Chrissy, which ended her life and killed her right there and then. Chrissy body Stranger Things was then dropped to the floor, which put the final nail in the coffin. But in a way, Chrissy was finally free from the pain and the struggle she was dealing with for so long. 

Aftermath of Chrissy’s Demise

Shortly after her death, Chrissy Stranger Things dead body was discovered in Eddie’s trailer by the people of the town. The death of Chrissy shocked everyone in the town of Hawkins. It also brought a sense of fear within the town, with everyone speculating how she went out or how she died. But one thing is certain; it took the whole town by storm, who suspected Eddie was the one that killed her. He was considered the prime suspect in her murder, which made him go on the run. As a result, a manhunt was launched against him by the people of the town and Chrissy boyfriend Stranger Things, who suspected Eddie had used a Satanic ritual to kill Chrissy. Eddie was later found hiding under a tarp in the dock house of Reefer Rick’s home by Max, Dustin, Robin, and Steve. He told them how Chrissy died that day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who plays Chrissy in Stranger Things?

The American actress and Twitch streamer named Grace Van Dien plays the role of Chrissy in Stranger Things.

What’s wrong with Chrissy Stranger Things?

Chrissy is under the curse of Vecna. And as a result, she sees Vecna’s hallucinations and visions, sometimes falling into a trance.

What killed Chrissy Stranger Things?

A demonic and fearsome sentient creature called Vecna killed Chrissy in Stranger Things through his curse which included his hallucination.

How old is Chrissy Stranger Things?

At the time of her death, Chrissy was between 17 and 18 years of age in Stranger Things.

How did Chrissy die Stranger Things?

The manner in which Stranger Things Chrissy death took place was after she levitated in the air from the curse of Vecna. Vecna then slammed her to the ceiling back first and started to twist her limbs and jaws and snap them. It then burst her eyes and then dropped her body to the ground.

What episode does Chrissy die Stranger Things?

In the first episode of Stranger Things season 4 Chrissy died after Vecna killed her. That episode is titled Chapter One: The Hellfire Club.

Who killed Chrissy Stranger Things?

Vecna killed Chrissy in Stranger Things, and it is aligned with the Upside Down.

Why did Chrissy die Stranger Things?

Chrissy died because her murderer, Vecna, had planned a strategy in which he took the lives of people that were exposed to trauma so that he could open the Curse gate. The same thing happened with Chrissy, whose trauma was experiencing verbal abuse from her mother. And after Vecna killed her, a gate slowly started to open up in the spot she had died.

Why did Vecna kill Chrissy in Stranger Things?

Vecna killed Chrissy in Stranger Things so that he could complete his plan of opening four curse gates across Hawkins which will let Upside Down spread into the town. 

Was Chrissy pregnant Stranger Things?

No, Chrissy was not pregnant in Stranger Things.

Was Chrissy in Stranger Things season 1?

Although Chrissy was a resident of the town of Hawkin in season one, she was not present in season 1 of Stranger Things. So that is why there is no Chrissy in Stranger Things season 1 nor season 2, or season 3.

What is the cast of Stranger Things Season 4?

The cast of Stranger thing in season 4 is as follows:

  • Chrissy Cunningham is played by Grace Van Dien 
  • Eddie Munson is played by Joseph Quinn 
  • Vecna, also known as Henry Creel, is played by Jamie Campbell Bower 
  • Jason Carve is played by Mason Dye
  • Joyce Byers is played by Winona Ryder
  • Jim Hopper is played by David Harbour
  • Eleven, also known as Jane Hopper, is played by Millie Bobby Brown
  • Mike Wheeler is played by Finn Wolfhard
  • Dustin Henderson is played by Gaten Matarazzo 
  • Lucas Sinclair is played by Caleb McLaughlin 
  • Will Byers is played by Noah Schnapp 
  • Max Mayfield is played by Sadie Sink 
  • Nancy Wheeler is played by Natalia Dyer 
  • Jonathan Byers is played by Charlie Heaton 
  • Steve Harrington is played by Joe Keery 
  • Robin Buckley is played by Maya Hawke 
  • Murray Bauman is played by Brett Gelman 
  • Erica Sinclair is played by Priah Ferguson 
  • Dr. Martin Brenner is played by Matthew Modine 
  • Dr. Sam Owens is played by Paul Reiser 
  • Karen Wheeler is played by Cara Buono 
  • Argyle is played by Eduardo Franco 
  • Susie is played by Gabriella Pizzolo 
  • Victor Creel is played by Robert Englund