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Clothing Guide: How to Dress Like Celebrities from Coda Film?

Fashion transcends any barrier that we humans might have put between ourselves. We may come from different places and speak different languages, but fashion unites us all as one. It goes beyond any race, culture, gender, or age. Anyone from any background can keep up with style trends and look smart. If you are among those who like watching coming-of-age comedy-drama films, then we are here to tell you that you are not the only one. People love watching coming-of-age films because they deal with real-life issues. And if elements like comedy and drama get added, it makes up for a great movie that the whole family can watch on the weekends. In this guide, you will learn about How to Dress Like Celebrities from Coda Film? The famous celebrity dress guide will help you pick one for any event.

While many films have adopted the genre, the one that stands head and shoulders above everyone else is Coda. It has treated the viewers with an amazing storyline followed by scenes of comedy and laughter.

Coda is a work of art that came to reality because of renowned filmmaker Sian Heder. He wrote and produced the whole film and treated fans with a masterpiece. We should also give some credit to the costume designer, Brenda Abbandandolo. She took a cautious approach when designing the outfits for each character. She made sure that they fit their personality.

Her amazing work has helped the film become an overnight sensation. Coda was received well by the people on its world premiere at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival on January 28, 2021. It is based on the 2014 French-Belgian film La Famille Bélier and is its English remake. The critics also gave positive reviews to Coda for the brilliant performances of the actors and the cinematography of the film. 

They say Coda is a well-written, well-acted, and thoroughly heartwarming film. People also love the film mainly due to the outfits being showcased by the cast. Even fashion designers are talking about the outfits from the film.

The Story Of Coda

Child of Deaf Adults or “Coda” features the story of a seventeen-year-old teenage girl from Gloucester, Massachusetts, Ruby Rossi. She is the only one that can hear in her deaf family. Much of her life is revolved around acting as an interpreter for her parents. Ruby works on the family’s struggling fishing boat every morning before school. She helps her parents and older brother to keep their fishing business afloat. When Ruby joins her high school’s choir club, things take an interesting turn. There she discovers a gift and her latent passion for singing. She is also drawn to her duet partner, Miles. Ruby then later gets encouraged by her tough-love choirmaster, Bernardo Villalobos, to apply to a prestigious music school. As a result, Ruby finds herself torn between the obligations she feels to her family and the pursuit of her own dreams. 

Although the film takes many surprising twists and turns, we do not want to spoil it for you. We want you to watch it yourself and discover the end result.

Ruby Rossi CODA Blue Hoodie
Ruby Rossi CODA Blue Hoodie

Our Coda Outfits Collection

With each day, the trend of dressing as characters from movies and shows is becoming more and more common. The rise in that culture has created a huge demand for outfits from movies and tv shows. Such is the case with Coda. Due to the film’s immense popularity, the demand for its outfits has also increased. Everyone wants to dress like the characters from Coda and get their hands on Coda celebrity dresses. We have launched a collection of Coda merchandise for the fans. It includes all the famous Coda Jackets and Coda Hoodies. These outwear are an ideal option to wear for your outdoor activities, and they are also essential for the upcoming winter. 

Our every outwear is stitched to perfection from the best fabrics. And not only that, but we also pay great attention to even the small details like zips, hooks, and belts. We are also very careful when designing these outwears to make sure they resemble the outfits of the cast they are based on. Our motive is always to deliver the best jacket to you so that it can last years for you. If you admire the dressing in Coda, we highly recommend you to get an outwear from our collection. It will, without a doubt, represent you as a Coda fan.

However, we will be talking about the outfits of each character in our Coda Fashion Guide below. Make sure to read it till the end because we will be disclosing many things in this guide in detail. This guide can help you dress like the characters from Coda, so stick around.

Emilia Jones as Ruby Rossi

Ruby is the main protagonist of the film. She is a seventeen-year-old girl from a deaf family in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Since Ruby is the only one that can hear in her deaf family life, she acts as an interpreter for her parents. The English actress Emilia Jones plays the role of Ruby Rossi. Ruby has worn tremendous outfits throughout the film that became fan favorites. She wore this Brown Bomber Jacket that looked stunning on her. It is made from pure cotton fabrics and has an internal viscose lining to keep you warm. This bomber jacket is modishly designed using features like a rib-knitted collar and rib-knitted hemline to make it more appealing. The front zipper closure of this jacket gives you options to wear it. It also has full-length sleeves ending on rib-knitted cuffs to protect your arms. Wearing this bomber jacket will make you look like Ruby.

Frank Rossi Coda 2021 Shirt Style Jacket
Frank Rossi Coda 2021 Shirt Style Jacket

Troy Kotsur as Frank Rossi

Frank, played by Troy Kotsur, is the father of Ruby. Like his daughter, he also wore amazing outfits that the fans loved. He was spotted wearing this Shirt Style Jacket that made his character shine. This jacket is made from a premium cotton fabric and has an inner viscose lining to keep you warm. Features like the shirt-style collar and front zipper closure make it look identical to the one in the film. You can wear it like Frank or style it your own way.


No matter which Coda outfit you end up choosing, you’ll be treating yourself with premium outwear that will last years for you.