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With a spooky season in full swing, horror fans have a new film to look out for from Shudder & RLJE Films as the Slash/Back has been released, showcasing a fun and bloody time for audiences when it get released this October.

In a remote Arctic society, a group of Inuit girls fight off an alien invasion, all while trying to make it to the supreme party in town.

The movie Slash/Back shows a young group of adolescent teens that discover that a frightening new threat has arrived in their hometown. With an Alien threat terrorizing their small town, the group of teens decides to take matters into their own hands as they team up to end the assault once and for all. While showcasing the fun friendship of the characters.

The aliens appear in the form of tentacles that hide under the corpse of a human or animal body, which could be an indication to movie The Thing and its shape-shifting aliens.

Slash back release date is October 21.

Fans have gone Gaga over the show because of its storyline, fantasy, and especially all that gore action.

People usually ask where to watch slash back movie, so it’s available on Apple TV and Vudu streaming platform, and in addition also people can watch the movie in Theatres with their families.

Slash back cast includes:

  • Tasiana Shirley playing role of Maika
  • Alexis Wolfe playing role of Jesse
  • Nalajoss Ellsworth playing role of Uki
  • Chelsea Prusky playing role of Leena
  • Frankie Vincent playing role of Wolfe

Our Outfits Collection of Slash/Back

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