50M2 TV Series

50M2 TV Series

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50M2 TV Series

50M2 is remarkable Turkish crime thriller Tv series. This series directed by Selcuk Aydemir. Burak Aksak wrote this series. This series released on the Netflix streaming platform on January 27, 2021. BKM Film is the production company of this series.

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What is the plot of this TV series?

The Plot tells the story of a hitman named Gölge. United Nations agency is attempting to seek out his identity. Gölge works for a person named Servet Nadir and needs to grasp what happened to his parents. However, Servet is aware of the reality and refuses to inform Gölge because it was Servet United Nations agency that killed Gölges' parents.

What is the star cast of the 50M2 TV series?

The star cast of 50M2 is Engin Öztürk, Aybüke Pusat and Cengiz Bozkurt

Who plays a leading role in the 50M2TV series?

Engin Öztürk played the lead character ofGölge.

How many Seasons in The 50M2 TV series?

The 50M2 TV Series has 1 Season only.

How many episodes in the 50M2 TV series?

The 50M2 TV Series has 8 Episodes.

How many Episodes in each 50M2 TV series?

The 50M2 has 1 season, which has eight episodes.