Yoko Wednesday: All You Need To Know About Her

Yoko Wednesday

Wednesday TV series has been on quite a roll lately. There is no other TV series that is making waves quite like Wednesday is making these days. This supernatural TV show is entertaining the masses with its fantasy plot. Its plot is not only filled with scenes of horror but also features bits of hysterical comedy every now and then. It is quite a given that the main protagonist Wednesday Addams would be a favorite for fans. But still, there are many other interesting characters that have caught the viewer’s attention. In a world of fantasy creatures, there is one character that stands head and shoulders above everyone else. And that character is Yoko Tanaka, who we will talk about in this blog. We will also offer you the Yoko Wednesday outfit that you can wear to dress like her. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

Who is Yoko Tanaka?

yoko tanaka

Yoko Tanaka is one of the main characters of the Wednesday TV series. In the show, she is a vampire and a student. She attends an American academy for outcasts called the Nevermore Academy. Yoko Tanaka is one of the ‘cool’ students in Nevermore. She is by far the most stylish character in the whole show. Her gothic looks and flair that is inspired by Harajuku help back that statement up. She is also one of the members of a secret society at Nevermore Academy called the Nightshade Society. Even though Yoko Tanaka is not a protagonist, she makes sure her presence on screen gets noticed. She ensures to capitalize on her chances and make the most of the little screen time she gets to leave her mark in the story of the show. Yoko is on friendly terms with most of the students at Nevermore. 

Yoko is close friends with students such as Enid Sinclair and Divina. Despite being a vampire, Yoko is a very caring and loving person. She cares about her friends and other people a lot and also helps them out in times of need. One instance when she shows her soft side is when she refuses to taze Tyler Galpin, even though she is very well aware of the fact that Tyler is a monster. Having said that, Yoko also has a competitive side to her and is very serious when it comes to competition. It could be said that her competitive edge can get the better of her at times and put her in a row with her friends and rivals. It happens during competitions, but once they are over, Yoko goes back to her normal loving self and defuses all the tensions that might have developed during the competition.

Yoko’s Fashion Sense

Wednesday Yoko Tanaka Red Jacket

It is fair to say that Yoko Tanaka is one of the best-looking characters in the show, if not the best. And that is down to her style, which is immaculate and out of this world. It makes sense; after all, Yoko is a Vampire, and Vampires have built a reputation for looking stylish and wearing fashionable clothes. While vampires have the tendency to look gothic, Yoko however, adds her own flair with a touch of a modern twist to that. And her sense of style must be commended because the clothes that she chooses to go with are all classy. Yoko Wednesday’s outfits look stunning on her, and they complement her beautiful brown eyes and long black hair. When she dresses in an all-black outfit, her physical features, such as the tattoos on her hands, really get highlighted.

Another bit of Yoko Wednesday’s style is the round blackout sunglasses which she wears all the time and is rarely seen without them. The glasses give off trendy vibes and make her look cool even more so. Her wardrobe is stocked with the most trendy and fashionable clothes that a person can think of. Just to get an idea of how stylish her wardrobe really is, take a look at this stunning red-colored bomber jacket she wore in the show. This Red Bomber Jacket appeared in an episode called “A Murder of Woes,” which is the eighth episode of the first season of the Wednesday TV series. While the scene in which this jacket appeared was a tense one, thanks to Yoko’s style, this jacket became the highlight. And if anyone wants to get their hands on Yoko’s jacket, they can get it through the online store of William Jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Naomi J. Ogawa

Who plays Yoko in Wednesday?

The role of Yoko Tanaka is played by a British and Japanese actress named Naomi J. Ogawa.

Who is the father of Yoko Tanaka Wednesday? 

Kenichi Tanaka is the father of Yoko Tanaka.

What are the names of Yoko Wednesday friends?

Yoko Tanaka is friends with Enid Sinclair, Bianca Barclay, Xavier Thorpe, Divina, Kent, Ajax Petropolus, Wednesday Addams, and Rowan Laslow. 

What is the history between Yoko x Bianca Wednesday?

Yoko and Bianca are two sides of the same coin, and even though they seem like rivals at first, they are actually friends. Both Yoko and Bianca are joint members of the Nightshade Society. Having said that, the two got into a bit of a rift during the Poe Cup competition when Bianca sabotaged Enid’s team by putting a garlic piece in Yoko’s dinner. And because of that, Yoko suffered an allergic reaction. However, the two cleared the air later and squashed their temporary beef.

What is the relationship between Divina and Yoko Wednesday?

Yoko and Divina are the best of buddies, and it is speculated that the two are deeply in love with one another. The two are also joint members of the Nightshade Society. Both Yoko and Divina are a pair that sticks together and goes side by side. Wherever there is Yoko, Divina will be there as well. They sit together, hang out together and eat lunch together. The two also do not shy away from displaying their signs of affection for one another out in the republic. Because on numerous occasions, Yoko and Divina are seen sitting closely, holding hands, and resting their arms on each other.

What is Yoko’s age in the Wednesday TV series? 

The actress that played Yoko, Naomi J. Ogawa, was born on August 24, 1996. So by the time of the Wednesday TV series, Naomi J. Ogawa age was 26 years old.

What is the nationality of Naomi J. Ogawa?  

Naomi J. Ogawa nationality is half British and half Japanese, which means she is a Hāfu.

What is the ethnicity of Naomi J. Ogawa?  

The Naomi J. Ogawa ethnicity is half British and half Japanese.

What are some of the best works of Naomi J. Ogawa?

Some popular Naomi J. Ogawa movies and TV shows are the Wednesday TV series, an  American science fiction action and adventure film called Skylines, and a short film called Assassin. Naomi J. Ogawa played the role of Yoko Tanaka in the Wednesday TV series. In Skylines, she played the role of Kate, and in Assassin, she appeared as a Mistress.

What is the other name of Naomi J. Ogawa?

The other name of Naomi J. Ogawa is Naomi Tankel. 

What are the names of Naomi J. Ogawa parents?

The name of Naomi J. Ogawa’s father is not known. However, her mother’s name is Cecilia Ogawa.