Many of fans suspected this when years ago we watched on televisions the wrestling fights of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), also called ‘Pressing Catch’. They thought it’s a soap opera a well-choreographed show of well-directed punches and kicks that did not impact directly on the opponent.
Every WWE show is well thought out, from the wrestlers ‘ outfits to the color of the sparks that will come out when they enter the stage. WWE shows fantastic stories, fights, love affairs, special effects in every show and even gives superpowers to some characters. These features have made the company world famous and have made it number one in sports entertainment
As much as WWE sells the fights, what it’s actually doing is exposing the rivalry behind the wrestlers. That is, people do not see The Undertaker’s rematch against Brock Lesnar because they believe there will be spectacular blows or keys, but because they have a controversial story that urgently needs to be resolved.
Wrestling is a sport that combines sporting encounters, spectacle and well-told stories. Everyone is entitled to believe in it or question it, but they should know that even doing the latter they are following the script made by the WWE creators.
Accidentally released images show the wrestlers stopped fighting during ad breaks at last Friday’s SmackDown event. The show, which is usually done with an audience, had to be moved and performed in a WWE facility without the presence of spectators to avoid the contagion of Covid-19.
According to LAD Bible, an error in one of the cameras, which he continued to record, allowed some viewers to see what was happening in the ‘ring’ during a commercial break on Fox, which broadcasts the event in the United States.
And what happened is that during the break, in which, in theory, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross were fighting against Bayley and Sasha Banks, the wrestlers, instead of punching and grabbing each other by the neck, paused and took advantage of the broadcast of ads to rest and kill time.
But Ronda Rousey, former UFC champion and current female Raw champion in WWE, broke a code defended by all those who give their lives professionally to wrestling. As part of his current WWE history, where in the last edition of the show he turned against the audience due to the support received by Becky Lynch, Rousey presented a video blog in which he shoots his darts at his current profession.
The feud between Beckly Lynch and Ronda Rousey “has gone off the script” on multiple occasions, with both sides giving a sustenance of telereality to their dispute, But nothing had reached the level of Ronda is using the best of her arsenal to fairly earn fan boos. And, on the other hand, Becky found nothing better than to feel that Ronda went out of control at a Britney Spears level since the two began to collide. Meanwhile, Charlotte Flair recalled that Rousey’s last two fights in WWE ended with her “unconscious and sobbing in the cage”.