What is Sheepskin Leather?

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In leather and clothing, sheepskin has several meanings. First of all, it is a sheep’s skin (fleece), which can be fur, fur, and leather. Fur fleece is the skin of fine-wooled and coarse-wooled sheep, from which coats, hats, and collars are sewn. Fur fleece is the skin of rough-haired and long-haired sheep, from which fur coats are sewn, half-coats with fur inside. But the skins that do not pass by the quality and length of hair in the category of fur and fur pelts are used as leather sheepskin. Leather Jacket Black is going to give you a brief introduction about sheepskin leather its types and usage.

There are two categories of sheepskin:

Sheepskin is the skin of adult sheep (it can be used with or without fur), which is characterized by good elasticity, softness, and resistance, but it remains very strong and wear-resistant. Sheepskin is a strong, stringy, and elastic skin of young lambs that passes chrome tanning, is covered with polymer protection, and is used in sewing shoes, outerwear, and haberdashery products.

Sheepskin skins are smaller in area than cattle skins, but they are so loyal to dressing, processing, decorating, and sewing that they are sewn not only high-quality and inexpensive accessories (the texture is soft to the touch) but also full-fledged outerwear and shoes. Moreover, sheepskin has a much lower production cost than cattle.

Ssheepskin leather is of different kinds:

  • compact and lightweight;
  • strength, density, wear resistance;
  • elasticity, ductility, flexibility and tear resistance;
  • firmness and softness to the touch;
  • inertia to humidity;
  • the pliability to any types of processing;
  • Attractive appearance (more pronounced grain), which is maintained over a long service life.

Due to its impeccable characteristics, sheepskin is widely used in the sewing business (sheepskin coats, jackets, and leather jackets), the production of durable and high-quality shoes, gloves, belts, leather accessories, and bags. To do this, the outer leather surface can be sanded, polished, painted, embossed, and other options for dressing.

With more subtle and deep processing of sheepskin leather, a very elegant smooth or textured material is obtained, which is used to sew things of the premium segment – model shoes, elite jackets and jackets, hats, accessories. Sheepskin also makes excellent imitations of the skin of exotic animals, birds, and reptiles (crocodile, Anaconda, Python, etc.).

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