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Best The Umbrella Academy TV Show Characters Guide

Best The Umbrella Academy TV Show Characters Guide

What is The Umbrella Academy about?

The Umbrella Academy, a graphic novel series by Gerard Way that was first optioned as a film more than ten years ago, finally makes its television debut as a ten-part Netflix series that spans multiple timelines and genres: parts dysfunctional family drama, part superhero saga inspired by the X-Men, part heist thriller, and part deadpan black comedy.

The drama centers on an ensemble cast that features Mary J. Blige, Ellen Page, and Robert Sheehan and follows an estranged adopted family of reluctant superheroes as they band together to stop the end of the world. The cast also includes umbrella academy comic characters. All seven siblings were adopted by the mysterious billionaire Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore). The latter showed no interest in raising them and taught them how to harness their umbrella academy powers and become well-known superheroes. The siblings were all born on the same day in 1989 to women who had previously shown no signs of pregnancy. Following Hargreeves’ passing, the siblings grudgingly get together for a family gathering that quickly becomes a quest.

Here we go through the umbrella academy characters guide before diving into its unique world. We will also take a brief look at the trending outfits worn by each character.

Vanya Hargreeves

Portrayed By: Ellen Page

Nickname: The White Violin, Number Seven

Abilities: None

Vanya Hargreeves The Umbrella Academy Black Jacket

Vanya, the only Hargreeves child, born without superpowers, goes through a significant change as the end of the world approaches. Vanya is guarded, lonely, and filled with deep emotions of worthlessness because she lacks the skills that her siblings do. She also carries a lot of hatred toward her deceased father and her separated siblings. Her only outlet is her incredible talent on the violin. However, as the season goes on, she realizes how much more she is capable of.

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Luther Hargreeves

Portrayed by: Tom Hopper

Nickname: Spaceboy, Number One

Abilities: Improved Strength

Luther, the oldest sibling, is frequently made to take up the leadership position against his will. As the series begins, he has recently returned from years spent alone in space after being dispatched by his father on a mission to the moon. Luther is a human who’s head was surgically transplanted into a Martian ape’s body in the comics, but the series changes this to ground the character. Way says of the modifications, “It helped his body make more sense.” “That character in the show has a true melancholy to her and a naivety, innocence, and boyishness that I love.”

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Klaus Hargreeves

Portrayed by: Robert Sheehan

Nickname: The Séance, Number Four

Abilities: Interacts with the deceased

As the series opens, Klaus is in rehab but soon relapses. He is a lovable rogue and drug addict who is the life of every party and wanders around without any direction until he is forced into rescuing the world. His wild behavior hides a tragic past and a massive loss that he rarely discloses but ultimately destroys him as the series progresses.

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Allison Hargreeves

Portrayed by: Emmy Raver-Lampman

Nickname: The Rumor, Number Three

Abilities: Makes suggestions that change reality

Her reliance on her ability destroyed many of her relationships, including her marriage, so she has sworn off using it. She was formerly a well-known actress who has swapped fame for a quiet life. She and Luther have a complicated relationship explored over the entire series.

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Diego Hargreeves

Portrayed by: David Castañeda

Nickname: The Kraken, Number Two

Abilities: Improved knife skills, unlimited breath holding

In contrast to his more hesitant siblings, Diego is a reckless rebel with a chip on his shoulder, which has wholly embraced life as a deadly avenger. He and Luther are fiercely competitive, and he feels he should have been made the head of his family instead.

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The Boy

Portrayed by: Aidan Gallagher

Nickname: Number Five

Abilities: Time travel

The Boy used his power to travel 50 years into the future when he was ten years old, going missing. He lived there for another 50 years before discovering a means to return to the present. Even though he was psychologically in his 60s when he returned to the present, he became eternally trapped in his 10-year-old body. His abilities make him a dangerous assassin and an important source of knowledge about the world’s imminent end.

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