Technoblade Cosplay Items and Costume For Halloween

Technoblade Cosplay

People love following their favorite stars and celebrities. They try to keep tabs on everything that goes on in their lives. But over the years, the definition of a star has somewhat changed a bit. And that is because anyone with fame these days can be labeled as a star. The criteria to become one have evolved over time. And in today’s world of the internet, it is now much easier to become a celebrity than it was ever before. The people that brought forth this change and took advantage of it are internet personalities. These people include Youtubers, streamers, and online gamers who gained fame through the internet. In a world full of internet stars, the one name that seems to be making all the headlines these days is Alexander. He is a Youtuber who is known online as Technoblade. We’ll look into his Technoblade Cosplay in this blog.

Technoblade Pink Hair Wig

Technoblade Wig

To get the look of this Technoblade cosplay underway, you will need to start off with the pink hair wig that Technoblade wore with this costume. The pink hair wig will go with the face mask that we will be talking about later in this blog, so having it is a must. And to make choosing easy for you, we are offering you his pink hair wig in four different style options, and they are listed down below:

Technoblade Cosplay Crown 

Technoblade Cosplay Crown

Technoblade looked like a true king when he took on wearing this gold crown over his head to go along with the look of Technoblade cosplay. And if you, too, want to take on the Technoblade costume yourself, then you will need to get all the Technoblade cosplay items that are needed to complete his look. This crown is an essential part of that, and luckily for you, we are offering it to you in four different style options. This way, you can choose the crown you like the most or, let’s say, the crown that looks good on you and fits you the best. All those four options are listed down below as follows:

Pink Pig Nose

As the heading suggests, there is also a pink pig nose that is part of this Technoblade cosplay. And it is needed to complete the look of this Technoblade Halloween costume. So if you like, then you can wear this nose or choose to go with the face mask instead, which we will be featuring later on in this blog. The nose is also available in four different style options, which are listed as follows: 

Technoblade’s Elf Ears

The look of this Technoblade cosplay covers all of the facial features, so getting it done requires some doing and a whole lot of putting on stuff over your face. And it is not just the Technoblade outfit that you have to worry about, as there are some other things too, such as these elf ears right here. Technoblade wore them to complete his look, and you will have to follow suit as well. The trend of four different style options continues with these elf ears as well, and we have listed those four options down below:

Technoblade’s Pig Mask

Technoblade’s Pig Mask

After talking so much about it, we finally came to the mask, which you can wear as an alternative to the pig nose. This mask will not only give the look of your Technoblade cosplay a complete meaning, but it will also set you up nicely to wear more items after it. And yes, you guessed it right, there are multiple style options available for this pig mask as well. However, there are only two options this time around rather than the four. These two options are listed down below : 

Technoblade’s White Shirt

Technoblade White Shirt

As we come towards the midpoint of this blog, there are some “normal“ clothing items that you will need to wear to complete the look of this Technoblade cosplay. And the white shirt that Technoblade wore is one of them, and it is a Victorian-era shirt. So you too will need to wear it with your costume. And as for the style options of this white shirt, we are offering you three different options that you can look into and choose the one you like the most. These three style options are as follows:

Technoblade’s Cape Coat

Technoblade Coat

We finally come to the cape coat that Technoblade wore with his costume. If we put it into words, then this cape coat alone puts life into the look of the whole Technoblade cosplay. The Technoblade crown cosplay that you now know would not be possible without this coat. So getting it is kind of an understatement as this coat alone is a crucial part of this whole look because it tied it down altogether. And what could be a better place to get this coat than the online store of William Jacket? After all, being a jacket brand William Jacket specializes in making all kinds of jackets and coats. So if you decide to get Technoblade’s cape coat from them, then you know you are getting the real deal. And we cannot describe how identical it looks to the one that Technoblade wore because it bears the same resemblance.

Technoblade’s Black Pant 

His Black Pant

Now it’s time to talk about the bottoms. And as for the bottoms of the Technoblade cosplay, the main guy himself chose to wear a pair of black pants to go along with his costume. The black color worked well with the look of his costume, and that is why you will also need to wear them to complete your cosplay. We are offering black pants in three different style options so that you can pick the pants you fancy wearing with your costume. The options are listed down below:

Technoblade’s Red Renaissance Sash Belt 

Red Renaissance Sash Belt

Technoblade wore this red renaissance sash belt and gave the Technoblade cosplay a gothic look. And that is what this looks is all about in the first place, which is being gothic at its finest. And if you are also trying to achieve the gothic looks for your cosplay, then this red renaissance sash belt will do the trick. It will also complete the look of your costume clothing-wise. We are offering this belt in three different style options, which are listed as follows:

Technoblade’s Black Boots

Black Boots

Now it is the turn for the footwear, and as for any look, when you get to the boots, you know things are going to be wrapped up pretty soon. The look of this Technoblade cosplay is nearly completed, and as it starts to take shape, we want you to make the most of your time wearing it. But before you can do any of that, you will have to wear just like the ones Technoblade wore with his costume, which were black colored long boots. So you will also have to do the same and wear black boots which we are offering to you in three different style options. The options for these boots are as follows:

Gold Minecraft Sword

Minecraft Sword

As we come near the end, we will now talk about accessory items that are needed to complete the look of this Technoblade cosplay. As you may or may not know, Technoblade was a big fan of a video game called Minecraft, and that is what he played most of the time. The game itself is a fairly well-known title in the world of video games, and this gold sword is considered the highest prize that one could achieve. So, of course, Techncoblade had to go with the best of the best, and this gold sword from Minecraft was it. And if you intend to take on the Technoblade costume yourself, then this gold sword is a must-have accessory item. And just like you, we intend to keep our tradition alive as well by offering this gold Minecraft sword in three different style options for you to choose from:

Knights Sword

Knights Swords

This is the last item that we will be talking about in this blog of Technoblade cosplay before we close it off. And this accessory item merely serves as an alternative to the Minecraft sword that we talked about above, in case you didn’t fancy getting that one. This sword is made for true knights. And getting it will make you feel like one, even though the cape coat that you have put on makes you look like a true king. We are offering this Knight sword in two different style options so that you can choose the style you like the most. The two options for this sword are listed as follows:


That is all that we have for today, and we will now like to wrap up this blog and bring it to a close. We thank you for staying with us and reading it to the end, and we hope that you had a good time reading it. We hope our instructions in this guide were of something of use for you to take on your own Technoblade cosplay. If you need more clothing items such as jackets and coats, then you check out our website to get the outwear you like. If you want to read more blogs on outfit ideas like this one, then you can visit the blog section on our website. We have a tonne of articles in it, and we post blogs on a regular basis, so we hope you will come back to read some more. Until then, goodbye and have a nice one.