Interview with The Vampire: Everything You Need To Know

Interview with The Vampire

The world took notice when Anne Rice published the gothic novel “Interview with the Vampire” as her debut novel in 1976. It would take 18 years for the novel to be adapted into a film of the same name, which was released in 1994. The film starred household name Tom Cruise alongside up-and-coming Brad Pitt. It’s fair to say the film became a huge hit after its release. Fans of the gothic horror genre were left in awe by what they saw. Now nearly three decades later, the same name has started to pop up in all the places and seems to be on everyone’s lips these days. And that’s because the 1976 novel has now been once again adapted into a TV series that came out recently. In this blog, we’ll discuss how the series stacks up against the 1994 classic and the similarities it shares with its counterpart.

How Different Is The Series From The Film?

Interview with The Vampire

The Interview With The Vampire TV series has its own identity despite sharing the name with its counterpart. It does a good job of sticking out as something different from what we saw 29 years ago in the form of a movie. That feat is achieved through a change in setting, as the TV adaptation’s story of Interview with the Vampire takes place in 1910. On the other hand, the film’s version of the story goes back a century and two decades earlier, as it is set in the year 1791. This difference in the period in which they both take place also affects the storyline of both, even if it is quite a small one. And the changes don’t stop there as they get carried out onto the characters as well. The difference in timeline translated into TV series’ characters getting a tweak in some aspects of their story. 

These changes define how their story is played out in the series’ overall plot. The biggest change of them all, however, comes in terms of the character of Louis de Pointe du Lac. The updated time period of the 1910s means he is now a young closeted Black man as opposed to a plantation slave owner. On top of changing the character’s entire race and ethnicity, the creators of the series have added an extra layer to his background story. He was an independent and wealthy man before becoming a vampire. The character’s story now feels richer than it did in the 1994’s film adaptation. The other change that is the most noticeable in the series is the age of Claudia and how the TV series highlights it. The TV series shows Claudia being stuck in a child’s body and the problems she has to deal with because of that.

The Similarities Between The Movie and The TV Series

Written Interview with The Vampire

The movie and the TV series are much like two sides of the same coin, meaning they both have their different ways of telling the novel’s story. But at the end of the day, the story itself remains the same, no matter how you decide to tell it. Just like how the TV series differed from the film, it shares its similarities with the film in the same way. And there are more than a fair share of similarities that can be seen between the two. The plot of the TV series remains identical to that of the movie, with a few minor changes in bits here and there. The TV series features the main characters of Louis de Pointe du Lac, Lestat de Lioncourt, Daniel Molloy, Claudia, and Armand, the same as the characters from the movie. The location of New Orleans is also the same as the movie.

A Look at the Story of Interview With The Vampire 

Much of the story of Interview With The Vampire revolves around the life of an affluent man named Louis de Pointe du Lac. The story that we get to know in the film as well as the TV series is told by Louis himself. Louis is what seems like a normal person living in New Orleans during the 1910s. The plot then starts to shape up when a journalist named Daniel Molloy is introduced in the film/series. Daniel is presented with an opportunity to interview Louis. The opportunity is a rare one and comes once in a lifetime, and that is because Louis claims to be a vampire. Daniel makes the most of this chance and proceeds to interview Louis. As the two men sit down and begin to get the Interview underway, Louis talks about his story, which focuses on the events that took place in his life.

He begins to open up on how it feels to be a vampire and what life feels like living as one. He also informed Daniel about how he became a vampire in the first place as well as what his human life was like prior to becoming one. He also told Daniel what happened after he became a vampire, as well as shared some of his experiences of the things that he did along the way. Louis told Daniel that a charismatic vampire by the name of Lestat de Lioncourt made him into a vampire and that he fell in love with Lestat after that. Louis then begins to describe how his relationship with Lestat begins to crumble once Claudia comes into their life. Claudia is a teenager turned into a vampire by Lestat. All of this is just like how it was in the novel and the 1994 film. 

Our Thoughts On Which One To Watch

IWTV Movie

We suggest you watch both so that you can see the differences and the similarities that we have talked about. Who knows, you might even find some differences that we might have missed out on. However, if you are the kind of person that wants to get the story done and over with as quickly as possible, then the film is the one for you. And that is because the film adaptation of Interview with the Vampire will tell you all about its story in no less than two hours and two minutes. So that is a great way to get the full-on experience in as little time as possible. But if you are not in such a hurry and want to get the most out of your screen-watching experience, then we suggest you go with the TV series. The TV series will make sure you stay tuned in for a long time, as the series consists of no less than seven episodes. And that is only for the first season, as there is another season on the way, which consists of 8 further episodes. So if you are someone that loves watching TV series, then you are in for a treat big time. And it is not just any treat, but a blood-filled and a gothic one at that. 

What to expect when watching (IWTV) for the first time

When you are watching Interview With The Vampire for the very first time, then you will be met with a lot of different and new emotions and feelings. You will feel nerves that you might not have experienced before, and that speaks volumes about the intensity that the gothic genre of Interview With The Vampire holds. But it is more about the thrill of watching unexpected horror unfold before your eyes. You will be drawn to the story of both as soon as they kick in. You will most likely be on the edge of your seat and will be glued in one place throughout the story. You will start to bite your nails as the story starts to unfold. And that goes for both the TV series and the movie, as both give you that watching experience that cannot be described in words. 


At the end of the day, when you put all the differences and the similarities aside, both the film and the TV series are masterpieces. They are a work of art that you only truly get to recognize and appreciate once you see them for yourself. And no matter which one of the two you prefer the most, it’s safe to say that our screens are graced by fascinating vampires. And after watching the TV series and the film, these vampires have got us wishing they were real and not a fragment of our imagination. Just like how the story of Interview With The Vampire ends on a high note, we wish to do the same with this blog. We thank you for reading this blog till the end and hope that you had a great time while doing so. You can check out more similar Blogs on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to watch Interview With A Vampire?

You can easily watch the Interview With The Vampire TV series right now by streaming it online on platforms such as AMC+, AMC+ Amazon Channel, and AMC+ Roku Premium Channel. And as for the Interview With The Vampire movie, you can watch it on HBO Max, Prime Video, Vudu, Redbox, and Apple TV.

How old was Kirsten Dunst in Interview With a Vampire?

Kirsten Dunst was 12 years of age in Interview With The Vampire.

How old was Brad Pitt in Interview of a Vampire?

Brad Pitt was 30 years old in Interview with the Vampire.

How many Interview With a Vampire sequel?

There is only one sequel to the Interview With the Vampire film, and it is called “Queen of the Damned,” which was released on February 22, 2002.

When does Interview With The Vampire series start?

The Interview With The Vampire TV series will start to air on October 2, 2022.

When was Interview With a Vampire written?

The gothic novel “Interview With The Vampire Anne Rice” was written as a short story in 1968 by author Anne Rice. She started working on the story and turned it into a novel of 338 pages in 1973. The novel would then go on to be published in May 1976.

Why is Interview With a Vampire Rated R?

Interview With the Vampire is Rated R because it contains violent and explicit scenes that include scenes of nudity, sex, violence, gore, alcohol, drugs, and smoking. Also, vampires get killed with a scythe and decapitated in graphic detail throughout the film, and these scenes of violence can disturb children or even scare them. 

What is Louis’ dark gift in Interview With a Vampire?

The “dark gift” of Louis in “Interview With the Vampire” is to turn others into vampires.

How does Claudia die in Interview With the Vampire?

Claudia dies in Interview With the Vampire after the coven sentences her to death by exposing her to sunlight.

What happened to Louis after Interview With a Vampire?

After the events of Interview With the Vampire, Louis goes on a journey around the world for some years without interacting with any other Vampires. After some time, he finally reunites with Lestat the night before Lestat’s big performance. They solve their differences and squash their beef. And after that, they spend time together to patch things up and reconcile to make their relationship as it was before.

Who plays the role of Louis Interview With a Vampire?

The role of Louis de Pointe du Lac is played by Brad Pitt Interview With the Vampire in the 1994 film. And as for the Interview With the Vampire series, Jacob Anderson portrays Louis.

Who plays the role of Claudia Interview With the Vampire?

The role of Claudia is played by Kirsten Dunst Interview With the Vampire 1994 film in the 1994 film, and as for the TV series, Bailey Bass portrays Claudia.

Who plays the role of Lestat in Interview With a Vampire?

The role of Lestat de Lioncourt is played by Tom Cruise Interview With a Vampire in the 1994 film, and as for the TV series, Sam Reid portrays Lestat.

What is the Interview With a Vampire cast for Armand?

The role of Armand is played by Antonio Banderas Interview With a Vampire in the 1994 film, and as for the TV series, Assad Zaman portrays Armand.