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Ideal Guide to Take Perfect Body Measurements – Infographic

Take Perfect Body Measurements

Are you planning to get a tailored leather jacket for yourself from William Jacket but feeling confused about your body size? No worries, as we have designed this guide especially for our valued customers. Now you can easily measure your size and order the jacket according to your body measurements. So, keep reading. It is essential to take the proper measurements of your body to get the perfect fit jacket.

If you are still puzzled about measuring your size correctly, don’t worry; after reading the below-mentioned procedure, you will measure it easily. Follow the procedure step by step of measuring the body size as mentioned below in the info graph:

infographic about body measurement

We hope this guide will help you get your body measurements correctly, and now you can follow these steps and get the body measurements accurately. The above infographic has illustrated all the steps of getting your body measurements accurately.

Types of Jackets Material

Real leather

Real leather jackets are fabricated with animal hides, the most used material used in the jackets is cowhide; however, horse and buffalo are also preferred. Lightweight leather jackets are generally crafted with goats or sheep hides; however, kangaroo hides are also used for more high-quality leathers.

Faux Leather

Faux leather, also known as PU leather, comes from a fabric developed chemically, and it is treated with polyurethane, dye, and wax for texture and color. PU leather is an artificial material that looks like real leather, but the quality is not as durable as real leather. However, it is budget-friendly as compared to real leather, that’s why people prefer to purchase it.

Sheepskin Leather

Sheepskin leather is also widely known as shearling or lambskin leather, and this leather is originated from the sheep hide. It is called shearling because the skin with wool is mixed. If the wool is not intact, it is known as lamb or sheep leather.

Cotton Material

Cotton is originated from the natural fibers of cotton plants from the genus Gossypium. It is generally composed of cellulose, an insoluble organic compound essential to plant structure, and it is a soft material. For the growth of cotton plants, it needs sunlight, an unfrosted period, and a good rainfall season.

Wool Material

Wool is a heavy material that makes the jackets and coat styles versatile. Generally, the wool blend comes from a mixture of polyester and wool or acrylic and wool. Some cotton materials are also blended with different materials such as angora or cashmere for more softness.


Parachute material is made of ripstop nylon that comes with an extra-thick thread; it helps develop a pattern of small squares.