How to Dress Up as Riverdale Characters – A Perfect Outfits Guide

Riverdale Outfits Perfect Guide

The Riverdale series included plenty of different outfits in each episode. We’ve all identified with one or more characters in this dramatic, passionate, and adventurous story, from Cheryl to Jughead. That’s why we have all Riverdale character outfits including Riverdale jackets, Riverdale coats, and Riverdale vests. 

Some of us prefer Veronica’s elegant clothes, while others, like Betty, prefer to dress casually but stylishly. Which character’s style do you like the most? Find out for yourself by scrolling down.

List of Best Riverdale Outfits We Have

Below is the list of the best Riverdale Outfits we have selected for you.

Womens Riverdale Cheer Girls Blue and Yellow Jacket With Hood

If you’re a huge lover of the TV show Riverdale, this stunning blue cheerleader girl jacket with the Riverdale logo on it is a great option. This fantastic garment allows you to dress up like one of the Riverdale college cheerleaders and feel like one of the characters. This blue and yellow jacket is made of cotton fabric and was created to give you a more young and sporty appearance. The Riverdale emblem is printed in yellow on the chest of this jacket, which also has a yellow hoodie. This varsity jacket has a highly beautiful aspect due to the rib-knit design on the waist and sleeves. That was the first one on our list of best Riverdale Outfits.

Women Riverdale Blue Jacket With Hood

Cheryl Blossom Riverdale Red Biker Leather Jacket

Reclaim your elegance with this ensemble that will undoubtedly make you the center of attention. The highly sought-after Cheryl Blossom Riverdale Madelaine Petsch Red Frock Jacket is here for the ladies who wish to keep their facade intact. Madelaine Petsch, who was inspired by the character Cheryl Blossom from the popular television series Riverdale season 3, accepted the major part, and her immaculate performance adds spice to the situation. The silky wool material of the Riverdale Cheryl Blossom Hooded Jacket has an exotic crimson color. Madelaine Petsch’s Riverdale Wool Jacket from Season 3 has a front buttoned clasp, inside and outside pockets, and a back bow. That was the second one on our list of best Riverdale Outfits.

Riverdale FP Jones S2 Blue Leather Jacket

We present you the FP Jones’ stunning outerwear from Riverdale, a wonderful adolescent drama fantasy series. Riverdale Season 4 is a fantastic television series. Skeet Ulrich Brando Leather Jacket is one-of-a-kind.  For a fun occasion, the rich black outfit is a sturdy, easy-going jacket! It includes a front zipper closure, long sleeves with zippered cuffs, and can be worn with both casual and smart casual outfits. The Brando Style Biker Jacket worn by Skeet Ulrich in Riverdale features multiple large pockets, making it a useful, pulled-together, and polished top layer! This was the third one on our list of best Riverdale Outfits.

Riverdale Southside Serpents Bomber Jacket

Riverdale Southside Serpents Bomber Varsity Jacket

The southside serpents bomber jacket is constructed of fleece. This jacket is really pleasant to wear and will keep you warm all day. This jacket is made comfier by its inside soft viscose lining. The jacket will shield you from chilly weather while also keeping you warm. A rib-knitted type collar is included on the southside serpents letterman jacket. The full-length sleeves of this sweatshirt include rib knitted cuffs, as well as a rib-knitted hemline. The back of this garment features a southside serpents logo. The black and white color scheme of the southside serpents varsity jacket adds to the appeal of this sweatshirt.

Riverdale Toledo Serpents Biker Black Leather Jacket

The Riverdale Leather Jacket by the Toledo Serpents is composed of genuine leather. The jacket comes in a gorgeous black color that gives it a sophisticated and edgy appearance. The Riverdale Leather Jacket from the Toledo Serpents has a lapel-style collar and a branded YKK zipper closing. The Toledo Serpents Riverdale Leather Jacket has long and fitted sleeves with zipper cuffs and shoulder epaulets. The Riverdale Leather Jacket from the Toledo Serpents has a belted hemline for a more fitted look. The back of the Toledo Serpents Jacket is embroidered with the team’s logo. The Toledo Serpents Riverdale Leather Jacket is made of high-quality stitching and is long-lasting.

Womens Riverdale Southside Serpents Red Leather Jacket

The trend of getting your hands on celebrity apparel is on the rise these days, and people are eager to get their hands on the most enticing garments that tend to attract a large number of people. Womens Riverdale Southside Serpents Red Leather Jacket is constructed of the best-looking and completed material, leather, and is available in two distinct types of leather: imitation leather and real leather.

Riverdale Pretty Poisons Skull and Bones Leather Jacket

When it comes to looking fashionable and interesting, this jacket from Riverdale Poisons is a great choice. This Pretty Women Poison Riverdale Jacket is made up of a variety of black and purple, making it a fashionable pick. The jacket’s foundation is black, with purple accents on the sleeves, pockets, and the jacket itself. The Riverdale Women’s Pretty Poisons Leather Jacket also contains pockets, and the collars are similar to those found on our shirts.

Riverdale Archie Andrews Brown Varsity  Bomber Jacket

Riverdale Archie Andrews Brown Varsity Letterman Bomber Jacket

William Jacket is proud to provide a unique addition to their Varsity Jackets collection, which is now available for purchase online. Apa Varsity Bomber Letterman Jacket is developed specifically for fans of varsity jackets. This Riverdale Jacket Archie is modeled by the one worn by Archie in the Riverdale television series. This is an artistically constructed varsity jacket with leather sleeves and a wool body. So, if you’re not satisfied with our pre-measured sizes for men, order this Mens Riverdale Jacket in whatever size you like.

Lili Reinhart Riverdale S04 Betty Cooper Maroon Jacket

The inspiration for this jacket came from the fourth season of the American online television show Riverdale, in which the outstanding actress Lili Reinhart wore it while portraying Betty Cooper. This jacket has a smooth and silky viscose lining on the inside that keeps you warm and comfy all day. Two front-side waist flap pockets on the Betty Cooper bomber jacket allow you to store your belongings. Season 4 of Riverdale On full-length style sleeves, Lili Reinhart’s bomber jacket has rib-knitted style cuffs.

K.J. Apa Riverdale S05 Archie Andrews Brown Suede Jacket

KJ Apa has become well-known among fans for a variety of reasons, and he is a fantastic actor, singer, and musician. He played Archie Andrews and looked stunning in his Riverdale Brown Jacket. This jacket has several unusual features, lovely colors, and a sophisticated design. This Riverdale Archie Andrews Brown Suede Leather Jacket is made of suede leather and features a soft viscose inside for added warmth and comfort in chilly weather. Additionally, for a stylish style, pair this jacket with blue trousers and a white shirt.

Archie Andrews Riverdale Letterman Jacket

It’s time to update your wardrobe with a current design jacket inspired by the Archie Andrews comic character. This character appeared on the famed TV show Riverdale, and KJ Apa played the renowned character that wore the gorgeous jacket. William Jacket provides you with the same featured jacket, which is manufactured of a high-quality wool blend. Apa The short-height rib-knitted collar on the Archie Andrews Riverdale jacket definitely catches the eye on the button closure front. The blue and yellow color scheme, as well as the “R” insignia on the left side of the chest, make it look more like Archie Andrews‘ Riverdale jacket.

Cheryl Blossom Riverdale Heathers Coat

Cheryl Blossom Riverdale Heathers Coat

William Jacket has designed a coat for Cheryl fans, which she has previously worn in the Riverdale series. The wool fabric is used for the coat’s outside. The coat has an open hem cuff and a peak lapel collar. This coat features a viscose lining on the inside. A double-breasted closure is used on the coat’s front. As a result, it may be worn on the top side of any shirt and looks great with any shirt or trousers. This coat’s stitching is exceptionally fine and clean, giving it a more attractive and deceptive appearance.

Nathalie Boltt Riverdale Red Long Trench Coat

Riverdale is a crime drama on television, and the tale is a nice blend of suspense and mystery. Riverdale is about a group of kids, namely Archie and his friends, who are drawn into the mystery of dark Riverdale. She looked really stunning in her Nathalie Boltt Riverdale Red Trench Coat. For all Riverdale lovers, we’ve included this coat in our most recent collection. This Nathalie Boltt Riverdale Penelope Blossom Long Red Coat is made of high-quality wool with a soft viscose lining for added warmth and comfort in the winter. This outfit was the second last one on our list of best Riverdale Outfits.

Mädchen Amick Riverdale S05 Alice Cooper Green Coat

This Riverdale Alice Cooper Green Coat is inspired by the lovely actress Madchen Amick. She donned this coat as Alice Cooper in the Riverdale television series and looked stunning. This Riverdale Alice Cooper Green Belted Coat has been presented. This coat is made of high-quality cotton fabric and has a viscose lining on the inside, which is necessary for warmth in cold weather. Impress your coworkers by wearing this coat with a white t-shirt and blue slacks for a formal business look. For a smart and noticeable style, you may also wear this coat for informal and casual occasions. This was the last one on our list of best Riverdale Outfits.