The Great Gatsby’s Guide to Roaring 1920s Men’s Fashion

Great Gatsby Roaring 1920s Mens Fashion

The world we live in has seen many era’s come and go. While there were some eras that brought joy to the people, there have been quite a few eras that have not been kind to the people at all. Still, those eras have cemented their place in history books. There is one era that stands out the most, and that is the Great Gatsby era. This era is set against the backdrop of 1920s New York City and has gone down in history books as one of the most prosperous times. It only brought economic prosperity but also changed the pop culture landscape. The growth that New York saw in terms of technology and fashion was incredible and unlike anything before. The styles that came out from that era are still loved and worn to this day. In this blog, we’ll feature and talk about Roaring 1920s Mens Fashion.

Men’s 1920s Suits

Men's 1920s Suits

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The highlight of the Roaring 1920s mens fashion was classy and elegant suits. They were and still to this day are considered the pinnacle of fashion and well dressing. The Great Gatsby era of 1920s New York City was dominated by suits. They were considered the main outfit of men’s clothing in the 1920s, with every man wearing them for their day-to-day activities, work, or event. The styles of these suits might have changed a bit and gone up a notch over time, but despite the evolution, the idea of classy looks remains the very same. And if you are looking to dress as a handsome gentleman of 1920s New York, then we highly recommend you to get a suit. 

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Men’s 1920s Tuxedos

Men's 1920s Tuxedos

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Tuxedos of the 1920s are a lot similar to the tuxedos we know today. Tuxedos are usually reserved to be worn on important occasions. But during the Great Gatsby era, when the evolution in fashion, music, and pop culture was at its peak, tuxedos appeared far more often than usual. People would wear them to fancy parties and other important events that helped change the course of America’s history. But if you are not sure what a tuxedo is, then how can you differentiate between a tuxedo and a suit? Well, for starters, tuxedos are the more luxurious and fancier versions of suits. While tuxedos might look the same as suits, they have their fair share of differences that sets them apart from suits. Tuxedos have a lapel made from glossy satin fabric as opposed to the suit’s plain lapel. Tuxedos are worn with a bow tie.

On the other hand, suits are worn with a plain tie. Tuxedo features one button on the front for closure, whereas suits feature two buttons. Another difference that can help you distinguish between a suit and a tuxedo is the difference in styles of pockets and pants. With that out of the way, we think you can bring back the Great Gatsby 1920s mens fashion by wearing a tuxedo straight from the 20s. And if you are wondering whether a design from such a long time ago looks outdated, then think again. Despite the time difference between 1920 and now, these 20s tuxedos have not aged a bit. If anything, they look more classy now than ever before, and it is all thanks to their elegant looks. You can get 20s tuxedos from William Jacket’s online store, as they are offering you a lot of different options to choose from.

1920s Mens Shoes

1920s Mens Shoes

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If there is one thing that we can all agree on is that they don’t make shoes like they used to. Classic shoes look the best whichever way you look at them. There is something special about how they look and feel. Even though the world has moved on to comfy shoes, and trendy sneakers, the 1920s mens shoes still remain the pinnacle of classy dressing. They are loved and worn still to this day. And no suit or tuxedo’s look can be completed until it is paired with a classic shoe. So if you are looking to dress as a handsome gentleman of the Great Gatsby era, then you need to get a pair of nice 1920s mens shoes. You can wear these shoes with a tuxedo or a suit of your liking and bring back the Roaring 1920s mens fashion in all its glory to present once again. 

1920s Mens Hats

1920s Mens Hats

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Hats might not be so much of a popular piece of an outfit these days as they used to be back in the day. However, it seems as though hats have been around forever, and the Great Gatsby Era was the time when wearing hats was considered the norm. It was a custom that was followed by just about everyone. Hats were an important clothing item of an outfit, and no outfit was ever considered complete until it had a hat styled to it. Because everyone wore hats in those days, they became an important part of Roaring 1920s mens fashion. And that is why you’ll need to wear a hat with your 1920s outfit to look like a gentleman from the Great Gatsby Era. Luckily for you, we have a bunch of 1920s mens hats that we are offering to you in all sorts of different styles and colors.

1920s Mens Glasses

1920s Mens Glasses

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So much has changed since 1920 in terms of style and fashion, but glasses remain an important accessory item to this day that brings a cool factor to an outfit. Not only do they help make an outfit look great, but they also add that extra bit of sophisticated touch to a person’s appearance. The Great Gatsby Era was no different because when the 1920s American fashion was at its height, glasses became the cool mainstream. People all over the country wore glasses, whether for their low eyesight or for merely aesthetic purposes. And that trend has carried on and can be seen a century later as a lot of people take on wearing glasses these days to look cute. So for you to complete the look of your 920s outfit, you will need to wear 1920s mens glasses which we are offering to you in a variety of options.

1920s Mens Shirts

1920s Mens Shirts

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Yes, you read it right, shirts. We all love them for their comfortable feel and stylish looks and wear them for our day-to-day. And maybe it’s a no-brainer to talk about shirts. However, the shirts from the 20s were much different from the shirts of today. Back in the day, shirts had a more formal look to them and had multicolor combinations in their cuffs, pockets, and collars. The shirts you are familiar with today are collared shirts and tee shirts in half sleeves and long sleeves. But the shirts that were popular during the Great Gatsby era were polo shirts and club collar shirts. And if you want to dress as a gentleman with a Roaring 20s mens fashion, then you will need to wear a shirt from the same era as well. We are offering a whole collection of 1920s mens shirts that you can choose from.

1920s Mens Pants

1920s Mens Pants

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Just like the shirts, pants in 1920 were also a bit different from today. The pants we know and wear today are slim and narrow. They are made from different materials and fabrics, like cotton and denim. Almost every pant that is being worn today has a single color to it. However, the pants that were part of the Roaring 1920s mens fashion had checkered and stripe prints to them in different colors. They were made from different fabrics like cotton and tweed. They were loose and had a straight fit which made the pants sit just right above the shoes. If you are looking to have a 1920 mens attire style, then you must get a pair of pants from those days as well. We are offering multiple options of 1920s mens pants in different styles and colors that you can choose from and wear over your 1920s outfit.

1920s Trench Coat

1920s Trench Coat

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Whether you’re aiming for a classic look of 1920s rich fashion or a casual look for outdoor activities, wearing a trench coat on top is a must. This outwear was by far the most worn clothing item in the 20s, and it kind of dominated the Roaring 1920s mens fashion scene. The perks of wearing a trench coat far outweigh the disadvantages of wearing one. Not only did it help men preserve their 1920s party outfit, but it also provided them with a warm layer on top for chilly nights. And if you intend on wearing a 1920s mens fancy dress, then we very much recommend you to wear a trench coat. Luckily for you, William Jacket’s online store has launched a collection of 1920s trench coat. They have dedicated an entire category of 1920s Trench Coat on their online store from which you can choose the coat you like.

20s Style Leather Jackets

20s Style Leather Jackets

You can get a leather jacket with the 1920s style from the fashion brand of William Jacket, as they are known as the best jacket makers in the business. Their online store has dedicated an entire category of Vintage Jackets which has some of the best leather jackets with the 1920s style in it. These 20s leather jackets are available in a lot of different styles and color options so that you can choose the jacket you like the most. We have listed below all the different 1920s leather jacket options:

The 20s was considered the golden era for the fashion industry because the fashion scene was at its highest in New York City. All the major changes and evolutions were brought forth during the Great Gatsby era. While the Roaring 1920s mens fashion scene saw quite a few style trends make their way out, there were many that emerged in return. Among them was the introduction of leather jackets. Leather jackets, however, were not quite as popular in the 20s as they’re now. And it was mainly because they were on their way up. They had a lot to improve in terms of style to gain popularity. But the 20s style leather jackets had a bit of flair and swagger about them that would soon captivate men’s attention all over the country. This change in the fashion scene meant that great things were in store for the mens fashion industry.  

And the jackets played a big part in that change. They were at the heart of this evolution as they encouraged people to hop on the train of the jacket trend sooner rather than later. And as expected, many men saw the direction where the fashion culture was headed and decided to take part in it by adding leather jackets to their wardrobes. They shifted from wearing coats, and other outwear to wearing leather jackets on top of their outfit to look stylish. In hindsight, it worked out perfectly and better than anyone could’ve imagined at the time. And soon, a decade or two later, leather jackets became the hottest thing in the fashion scene as its culture was spread out everywhere. You, too, can take part in that trend and dress as a gentleman of the 20s by wearing a leather jacket from the Roaring 1920s mens fashion scene.

1920s Tennis Outfit

1920s Tennis Outfit

Tennis was popular in the 20s and still remains a popular sport back to this day. The clothing side of things, however, has not changed that much since the 1920s. Still, there are a few changes here and there that are visible to the eye. And if you are a rich dude that looks fashionable all the time, then a classic tennis outfit from the 1920s is what you need. You can wear a 1920s tennis outfit when you go out to play tennis with your friend. And why choose a tennis outfit with the 1920s style, you might ask? Well, for starters, the 1920s-style tennis outfit looks classic, and it, without a doubt, looks different from all the tennis outfits that are available out there. This way you will not only look good but also stand out from all your friends when your group goes out to play tennis. 

20s Mens Suspenders

20s Mens Suspenders

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Suspenders are a thing of the past, and you hardly see anyone wearing them these days. But back in the 20s, they were quite popular and were a must-have accessory item to complete an outfit. Suspenders acted as an alternative to the belts we know and wear today. Suspenders are made from fabrics, whereas belts are made from materials like leather and nylon. They hold the pants up from the front and the back and keep them from falling, as opposed to the belts, which cinch the pants tight around the waist. And if you want to wear an outfit that has the style of the Roaring 1920s mens fashion, then you have to wear suspenders from the 20s. We have listed a few options of 20s mens suspenders below from which you can get the suspenders you like. The suspenders will make you look like a gentleman from 1920.

1920s Mens Bathing Suit

1920s Mens Bathing Suit

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Believe it or not, the bathing suits that we know and wear now used to be different in the 20s as well. And if you have ever come across pictures from the olden times, then you might have seen these bathing suits before. Regardless these bathing suits might look a bit different, but they serve the same purpose as the bathing suits of today. And that is why we think you should get yourself a bathing suit in a style from the 20s for the same reason as the 1920s tennis outfit above. This way, your bathing suit will look different from the bathing suits of your friends, and you will also stand out from them when you go swimming. We have listed quite a few 1920s mens bathing suit options in different styles that you can look into and choose the bathing suit you like the most from them.

20’s Mens Wedding Attire

1920's Mens Wedding Attire

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Have you ever wondered what your parents’ great-grandfather would have dressed like at his wedding? You might’ve seen the pictures of the wedding, but if you haven’t, then no worries, because the wedding attire in the 20s was similar to the wedding attire of today. The suits that the gentleman of the 1920s wore were quite elegant and classy in terms of looks. And if you intend to attend someone else’s wedding or maybe even dress for your own wedding, then we think you should go for the 20s style wedding suit. This way, you will have classic looks of the Roaring 1920s mens fashion scene at every wedding event.  

And it is fair to say once you put a 1902s suit on, you will stand apart from everyone else at the wedding. And if you are wondering where to get the 1920’s mens wedding attire, then there is no better place to get them from than the fashion brand of William Jacket. William Jacket has dedicated an entire section of classic wedding suits in its online store, in which it has a variety of 1920s wedding suits. These suits and tuxedos are available in a lot of different styles and color options. So you can easily choose the 1920s suit of your liking and look your best.

20s Mens Sleeveless Sweaters

1920s Mens Sleeveless Sweaters

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The winters back in the 1920s used to be pretty cold as compared to today. And there were no electric heaters back then to keep the house warm. So people either had to resort to fire chimneys or wear the warmest clothing to keep themselves protected from the cold climate. That is when the sweaters came in handy, as they were as warm as any clothing can get. They were worn quite often back in the day and are still being worn today, although not quite as much as in the 20s. 

Apart from warmth, they are quite comfortable to wear as well. A decade has seen some minor changes in the style and appearance of sweaters here and there. And since this blog is all about classic looks of the 20s, why not wear a sweater in 1920s style as well? We have listed the 1920s mens sweater in a lot of different styles and color options that you can choose from and wear the sweater of your liking.

20s Style Pajamas

1920s Style Pajamas

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What’s there not to love about pajamas? We all love them for their comfortable feeling and wear them when we are chilling at home. Even when we were kids, we all had our favorite set of pajamas growing up. The same practice was carried over a century earlier as people of the 20s also wore pajamas for their nighttime. For merely aesthetic purposes, we think you should get a set of 1920s style pajamas just to get that classical feeling of the 20s. These pajamas are just as warm, comfortable, and cozy to wear as the pajamas that are available today. If you already have a set of pajamas in your closet, then these 1920s style pajamas will be a great addition. And if you don’t have any, then these pajamas are the ones to go for, as they are way better than most of the pajamas made these days.

20s Mens Summer Fashion

1920s Mens Summer Fashion

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Have you ever wondered what life would be like if air conditioners didn’t exist? But more importantly, how would summers pan out when the sun is glaring down on you and there’s no a/c to help you cope with its heat? That was the reality of the situation in the 1920s, as air conditioners were not widespread back then because they were just starting out. So to survive the brutal heat, people wore as much light clothing as they possibly could. They wanted to allow the air to flow through their clothes to keep them cool. 

But that didn’t mean the clothes in 1920 did not have a drip in them. As a matter of fact, the 20s saw more advancements in the fashion area than any other era. The clothing that was worn in the summer was just as it is now. And to continue the trend of the Roaring 20s mens fashion, we are offering you all kinds of summer clothes that were part of the 1920s mens summer fashion scene. This way, you can choose the summer clothing you like and, in a way, go back in time and relive the 20s fashion scene in all its glory.

1920s Party Outfit

1920s Party Outfit

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No parties were crazier than the parties of the 20s. With not many rules to abide by back in the day, people went wild in their celebrations. In those days, whenever an invitation for a party came calling, you had to dress at your best by wearing the fanciest outfit you could get your hands on. This starts to make sense of why men wore fancy suits at parties in the 1920s. However, you don’t see many people wearing suits to parties these days as the outfits for parties are more casual now as compared to before. But if you want to dress as a gentleman of the Great Gatsby era, then you will need to wear a fancy suit. William Jacket has once again stepped in to save the day as their online store is offering you a variety of fancy suits of the Roaring 1920s mens fashion scene.

20s Rich Fashion

20s Rich Fashion

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The wealthy people of the elite society of 20s New York City had their way of dressing. These New York City’s elite had a more luxurious lifestyle as compared to an everyday working man. The clothes of these rich gentlemen of 1920s New York were dripping in fashion, which made them stand out from other people. In our humble opinion, the best look to aim for is a luxurious outfit of the Roaring 1920s mens fashion scene. Luckily for you, we have managed to find a lot of different options for the outfits that the elite used to wear in the 20s. We have listed these outfits above, which are available in different styles as well as color options, including the black color that looks more elegant than anything else. By going with any of the black outfits, you can achieve the stylish looks of the 20s black fashion scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was fashion in the 1920s considered the first rebellion of the youth? 

In the 20s, there was a major shift in power as well as the influence that pop culture had on people, particularly the youth. And as a result of that, teenagers all over the country had a sense of pride in themselves and were full of themselves. They were more brash than ever before and saw the means to do what they thought was right and benefited their cause instead of obeying their parents. With age on the right side of 30, they had a spring in their step and put more emphasis on their outward appearance than any other age group. The youth was the main driving force behind the evolution of the fashion scene in the 20s. It could be considered as a rebellion of the youth as they disregarded their parent’s opinion and saw fit to wear clothes that were deemed too inappropriate at the time.

Why is 1920s fashion important?

The 1920s fashion was important in every sense of the way, as the evolution that it brought forth changed the fashion landscape forever. Its importance can only be realized if we look at the bigger picture, and the fashion that we know today wouldn’t be what it is without 1920s fashion. The style trends that came out through the emergence of the 1920s fashion scene laid the foundation for the style trends that followed. The styles of clothing we wear today are a result of the trends of the past. Even though the clothes of today might look a bit more polished, they still share a lot of similarities with what was worn back in the day. In other words, the evolution of 1920s fashion was necessary to bring a change in clothing styles that were worn for centuries and were passed from generation to generation.

What was popular in 20s men fashion? 

The 1920s mens fashion scene had a lot of clothing types that were popular at the time. Men in the 1920s took a liking to wearing suits and tuxedos more than anything else. However, they did not dress formally all the time and, from time to time, wore casual outfits like regular shirts and pants. The leather jacket culture also started spreading a little later in the decade, and it became a popular item of men’s clothing in the 1920s.

What did men wear in the 20s? 

Men wore all kinds of clothing in the 1920s ranging from luxurious suits and tuxedos to casual outfits like shirts and pants. They also wore outwears like jackets and coats on top of their outfits in the 20s. And occasional clothing like tennis outfits, bathing suits, sweaters, and pajamas were also part of men’s clothing in the 20s.


So there you have it; that is all we have for this blog. We hope you got the clothing you like of the 1920 mens attire style from the clothing options that we have featured in this blog. We did our best to cover as much as we could about the Roaring 1920s mens fashion and the clothing that was part of it. If you need to get outfits like Suits and Tuxedos that are not from the 20s, then you can check them out from William Jacket’s online store. William Jacket also makes some of the best Modern Jackets, Vests, Blazers, and Coats for men that you can look into. If you enjoyed reading this blog and want to read more blogs on outfit guides, then you can read them through the Blog section of our website. Until our next blog comes out, goodbye, and have a nice one!