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Fashion Guide: Dress Like the Characters in iZombie TV Show

Fashion Guide Dress Like the Characters in iZombie TV Show

The dawn of the living dead zombies and their apocalypse is upon us. All jokes aside, people have really grown into the zombie apocalypse genre, be it mainstream movies or popular television shows. Everyone seems to be enjoying the living dead science-fiction genre. Mostly all zombie movies or shows are scary and have bits of horror here and there. But only a few zombie genre series have comedy and fun vibes to them. While there are many names but the one that comes up on top when speaking of comedy zombie apocalypse series is iZombie. The American television series has embarked on a journey to capture the hearts of fans. Its fun-loving vibe mixed up with scenes of drama and crime has resulted in a thrilling show to watch. iZombie first premiered on March 17, 2015, and ran for five seasons. 

The last episode of the final season aired on August 1, 2019. Rob Thomas, who is the creator of the series, brought his vision into reality in the form of a television series. As well as being the creator, he also wrote, directed, and produced the series. He put his mind and soul into it and created a wonderful series that everyone loves. In addition to the production aspect of things, everyone has been thoroughly entertained by the amazing storyline of iZombie. And not only that, but the iZombie series has also captivated the fashion industry with its outfits. The cast of iZombie has set the standard upon which all fashion enthusiasts look at. They never miss an opportunity to look sleek when it comes to styling. They have even got fashion designers talking about it and have left impression impressions.

The Story Of iZombie

iZombie features Olivia Liv” Moore, an over-achieving medical student who turns into a zombie after attending a party that was already a zombie-feeding frenzy. After joining the ranks of the living dead, Liv is determined to pass as human despite her new appearance and demeanor; Liv forms a plan to resist her drive to consume fresh human brains and retain her humanity by taking a job at a morgue. She can secretly eat the brains of corpses delivered there to satisfy her craving for consuming fresh human brains. She later realizes that being a zombie has its perks. So, she finds out that she absorbs the memories of those she feeds on. 

As a result, she finds a new purpose in life by posing as a psychic and using her powers to assist the police. She starts working with a detective to help solve crimes, including the murder of corpses.

iZombie Rose McIver Maroon Pea Coat
iZombie Rose McIver Maroon Pea Coat

Our iZombie Outfits Collection

The trend of dressing like your favorite character is becoming more and more common by each day. With the rise in culture, the demand for movie or tv show outfits has also increased. The rise in iZombie’s popularity has resulted in huge demand for its outfits. Everyone wants to dress like the characters from the series and get their hands on iZombie Dresses. We have launched a collection of iZombie Merchandise for the fans. It includes all iZombie Jackets, iZombie Coats, and iZombie Peacoats. Every outfit is stitched to perfection with attention to small details to make sure they resemble the outfits of the cast. If you admire the dressing in iZombie, we highly recommend you to buy an outwear from our collection. It will, without a doubt, represent you as an iZombie fan.

However, we will be talking about each character’s outfits in our iZombie Fashion Guide below. Make sure to stick around because we will be unleashing many things in this guide in detail that can help you dress like them.

Olivia Moore iZombie Mid-Length Coat
Olivia Moore iZombie Mid-Length Coat

Rose McIver as Olivia Moore

The main protagonist of the series, Liv Moore, is a former medical student. She became a zombie when she attended a boat party that zombies attacked. She then uses her zombie powers to assist police in solving crime and identifying the culprit of the murders. Although Liv might not be alive, her outfits certainly are. Throughout the series, she wore abundant outfits that uplifted her character and enhanced her gorgeous vibes. She wore this Mid-Length Coat and looked like the true detective that she is. It is made from the finest cotton fabric and features an internal viscose lining to keep you warm. It is modishly designed using features like an open style front and lapel collar to make you dress like Liv. You can wear it like Liv or use your own combinations to style it. Nonetheless, this mid-length coat will make you feel like Liv!

Malcolm Goodwin as Clive Babineaux 

Clive Babineaux is a Seattle police department detective. He is newly transferred from vice to homicide and gets Liv’s assistance to solve crimes. Liv and Ravi originally claim that she is “psychic-ish” to account for her knowledge of victims identifying culprits. Although Clive might be a police officer, he keeps up with style trends even when he is formally dressed. He also wore some stylish outfits that the fans loved. He was spotted wearing this Brown Leather Jacket that looked stylish on him. You can wear it like Clive or style it your own way. Either way, you can wear it casually for your daily outdoor activities. You can also wear it at formal events and become the star of the evening.

Robert Buckley as Major Lilywhite

Nathaniel Lilywhite is a social worker at the local teen center, Helton Shelter. He is an ex-fiancé of Liv, who ended the relationship with him to prevent him from becoming infected by her condition. Major Lilywhite also wore some amazing outfits that enhanced his appearance throughout the series. He wore this Bomber Black Jacket that looked stylish on him. You can wear it like Nathaniel or style it your own way using different combinations. You can wear it at formal events as well as casually. No doubt, wearing this bomber jacket will make you feel like Major Lilywhite.