Entre for a Chance to Win a “Black Panther” Movie Prize Pack!

Watching a movie provides you many benefits like pain releasing the stress of your body, time for bonding a laughing, encouragement that improves your social awareness and skills. 

Sometimes a movie like “Black Panther” can give you a night with a huge dinner. To several couples, it would be perfect for their first date, and even watching movies they can even share their first kiss. Made this perfect moment more memorable and get a chance to win a Black Panther movie prize pack. Share this pack with your love and make your relationship deeper. 

About Black Panther movie

After the occurrences of Captain America: Civil War, the introverted Africana state of Wakanda returns to Prince T’Challa to represent as the new king of his nation. T’Challa eventually discovers, however, that the crown in the sects of his own country is questioned. When two enemies are conspiring to demolish Wakanda, the hero Black Panther needs to join the agent of C.I.A. Everett K. Ross and the Dora Milaje special operations forces of Wakandan to prevent Wakanda from going into a great war.

William Jacket and Black Panther Box

William jacket provides you the facility to enter a chance to win a “Black Panther” Movie Prize Pack! As this movie is one of the hottest action and thrill movies of this year that’s why we provide this opportunity to our customers to win T-shirts, men and women leather jackets made by William jacket and last but not the least the comic book on which this whole series depends upon!

You remember why the Twins of Geek support Black Panther! You know the Nerd Twins are enjoying the Black Panther video! We’re with you to express your feelings!

What’s the prize inside the box?

Consumers are provided with the ability to build their company even without needing to remain there for decades. William jacket has a stronger connection with its customers around the globe that’s why we are continued by giving rewards to customers that will increase the brand value, trust of people on William’s jacket. Further, this will build a stronger connection between customers and the company. Let’s explore the things that you will get in this prize box

  • the Marvel Black Panther t-shirt, authoritatively certified for men or women
  • One $25 Black Panther gift certificate,
  • One Comic book about Black Panther

How you will be selected for this Black Panther Box?

The winner is randomly selected, but by accumulating more submissions you can increase your odds of winning! Don’t miss to Entre for a Chance to win a “Black Panther” Movie Prize Pack! Here are the entries you get:

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