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El Diablo Suicide Squad Costume Guide

El Diablo Suicide Squad Costume

The DC Extended Universe or more commonly known as simply “DC,” is one of a kind and true arch-rival to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While some people prefer superheroes, and others prefer villains, there are some neutral characters as well that are the hidden gems of the fantasy world. These underrated characters possess some special stories that need to be told. The DCEU is home to one of these characters called Chato Santana. He is also known as El Diablo, which means the devil in the Spanish language. And just like his name suggests, he is one of the fiercest and most menacing characters to exist in the DC universe. And in this blog today, we will shine a bright light on his story and bring his character into the spotlight. We’ll also talk about some of his outfits in this guide that you can wear to look like him.

Getting to Know El Diablo

Suicide Squad el diablo

Chato Santana is the leader of the Suicide Squad as well as a tritagonist of the film Suicide Squad. He is also known in the streets as El Diablos,  which is a Spanish word that means an evil spirit or devil. The Metahuman was born in Spanish and was the head of a gang when police found him and shot him. Thanks to a brief meeting with a dead man who had certain skills with a mystical spirit, El Diablo got his power. Even though El Diablo’s powers are secondary, they still have to be considered. Chato Santana is a famous character because he plays a great role in movies and comics nowadays. That is why William Jacket is here to provide you with the complete outfit guide of this character so that by depicting this character, you can show love to your favorite character of the comic book.

How to Make El Diablo from Suicide Squad Get-up?

The attire of EI Diablo draws the most attention from viewers of this movie. If you are in love with the attire of EI Diablo, then you will need the following things.

  • El Diablo’s Varsity Jacket
  • El Diablo’s Tank Top
  • El Diablo’s Pants
  • El Diablo’s Shoes
  •  El Diablo’s Bracelet
  • El Diablo’s Necklace
  • El Diablo’s Face Tattoo

The Iconic El Diablo Jacket 

First things first, the one piece of clothing that you need first to look like El Diablo is his classic jacket. Before doing all the makeup or getting any tattoos, you need to get your hands on one of these El Diablo Jackets. This jacket is what represents El Diablo, and without this jacket, there is no El Diablo. Any DC fan can spot this jacket from a mile away and instantly recognize it. That is why having this jacket is a must. And if you are wondering where to get this jacket, then worry not, as William Jacket has got you covered. It is offering you EL Diablo Jacket at a much more affordable price. 

If we talk about the appearance of this jacket, then it is one of a kind. This jacket of El Diablo has a color combination of blue and black color. It can be made from either fleece fabrics or PU leather, depending on your choice. You will get all the same features from the real jacket of El Diablo. With so much close attention to detail, you can hardly know the difference between this jacket and the jacket from the film. It bears the exact same resemblance to El Diablo’s jackets and looks identical.

The White Tank Top of El Diablo

White Top Tank

The second thing on the list of items that you need to dress like El Diablo is his tank top. This tank top stands for everything that El Diablo’s character represents. It is just as iconic, if not more, than El diablo’s jacket that we just talked about above. You must make sure that the Tank Top you are wearing is white in color. Because in order to look like El Diablo, you must match every piece of clothing to his clothing. This tank top is comfortable to wear and fits perfectly under the jacket of El Diablo. 

El Diablo’s Pants

Suicide Squad el diablo pants

The last item of clothing other than footwear is the pants of El Diablo. You do not have to head to stores to get the pants to look like El Diablo. If you have black or navy blue colored pants with loose fitting, then you wear them. You can pair them with the jacket and the tank top of El Diablo. You must make sure that the pant you are wearing is swaggy and long in length.

The Footwear of El Diablo

El Diablo White Shoes

If we talk about what kind of shoes El Diablo wears, then he wears street shoes. These shoes can range from slip-on to the day-to-day sneakers we normally wear. You have to consider one thing before wearing footwear for El Diablo’s look, and it is to avoid formal shoes. Because we do not remember seeing the character of Chato Santana just strolling around in a pair of nice-looking black formal shoes that are polished to perfection. And now that we think about it gets even more hard to imagine him wearing it. But all jokes aside, any type of informal shoes, especially the ones in white color will go well with the look of El Diablo.

The Bracelet of El Diablo 

El Diablo Bracelet

Now we move from the clothing side of things to the jewelry and the accessory side of things. This bracelet of El Diablo is needed just as much as his outfit to look like him. If you do not like wearing bracelets, then no issue, but if you do, then we highly recommend you to wear this bracelet. It is made of solid steel and will not wear or lose its color over time. So you can confidently wear this El Diablo bracelet along with your other El Diablo clothing to look like the metahuman he is.

The Necklace of El Diablo 

El Diablo Necklace

This necklace of El Diablo looks pretty much like him that, when tested, it will reveal all its wrath and hell upon you. It goes without saying that this necklace is pretty much the meanest-looking bracelet of them all, and rightly so. Because if you need to look like El Diablo, you need to possess his darker side as well as his rage.

El Diablo Temporary Sticker Tattoos

El Diablo Temporary Tattoos Suicide Squad

And last but not least are the tattoos of El Diablo. Tattoo designs are the biggest form of self-expression. People who have suffered some hardships or gone through tough life experiences wear tattoos as their only explanation. El Diablo’s face tattoo can intimidate others. While the tattoos of El Diablo are real, we suggest you take on appli8ng sticker ones because we would never recommend you to get a permanent tattoo for a one-time look. But if you want to do that, then be our guest, but we will stick with the stickers for now. We all know that tattoos represent a part of a person’s personality or life experiences. And just like El Diablo, his tattoos tell his whole story without uttering a single word. 

And that is saying something that his tattoos represent a whole lot of who he is. So it should be clear by now that there is no El Diablo without his iconic tattoo, and to be fair, the character has had tattoos from the start. So technically speaking, El Diablo and his face tattoos are just one single thing that cannot be divided from each other. So if you want to look like El Diablo, you can apply a sticker tattoo to look like him. So there you have it; these are the list of things you need to look like El Diablo. We hope that you had a fun time reading this El Diablo Costume Guide and got something useful to take with you along the way.

So there you have it; these are the list of things you need to look like El Diablo. We hope that you had a fun time reading this El Diablo Costume Guide and got something useful to take with you along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy El Diablo Costume ?

The El Diablo suicide squad costume, as well as the El Diablo Jacket can be bought at a much more reasonable and affordable price from William Jacket’s online store.

Can You Wear El Diablo Costume for Halloween?

You can wear the El Diablo cosplay for Halloween this year. You will stand out from everyone else with your El Diablo Halloween costume.

Does Diablo Die in Suicide Squad?

Sadly, yes, El Diablo sacrificed himself by holding Incubus while the members of the Suicide Squad were placing the bomb to kill Incubus. But the explosion of the bomb also killed El Diablo in the process.