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Eddie Stranger Things: All You Need to Know About Him

Eddie Stranger Things

Greetings, Stranger Things lovers; a fellow fan here. Just like you, our team here at William Jacket is all about Stranger Things. This craze of ours started a while ago, and it has been going strong ever since. Stranger Things has become the pinnacle of web-based TV shows these days and has set the standard upon which all the other series are judged at. We love the show for a lot of reasons and mainly because it has just about everything in it. From diverse characters to a rich and entertaining storyline, Stranger Things has it all. The list of the show’s characters is a long one, with each one being more interesting than the other. But there’s one character that you might have missed, and his name is Eddie Munson. He is more intriguing than anyone else, and in this blog, we will talk about Eddie Munson Stranger Things.

Who is Eddie Munson in Stranger Things?

Eddie Munson

Eddie Munson is one of the main characters of Stranger Things. He was first introduced to the show in the first episode of the fourth season of the show titled “Chapter One: The Hellfire Club.” Eddie is one of the residents of the small midwestern town of Hawkins, Indiana. He lives in a trailer which is situated at the Forest Hills Trailer Park and shares it with his paternal uncle Wayne Munson. He looks after his uncle’s health after he became his ward at some point during his childhood. The birth year of Eddie Munson is not clearly known, as it is believed he was born sometime between the year of 1965 and 1966. This made his age between 19 to 20 years during the events of the show, while some say he was 18 years of age at the time of the show. 

The early education that Eddie Munson Stranger Things got was from Hawkins Middle School. He started attending the school in the late 1970s. Eddie Munson took part in Hawkins Middle School’s talent show, in which he was a guitarist of a rock band called Corroded Coffin. Eddie was seriously impressed with the cheerleading skills of a fellow participant named Chrissy Cunningham. And likewise, Chrissy also took notice of Eddie. After the two went their separate ways, she fondly remembered his metal band. Both Eddie and Chrissy would then later go on to attend the same Hawkins High School at the same time. But despite Chrissy’s fame and neglect of him, Eddie did not feel bitter about her, and neither did he hold any animosity toward her. The two of them would not get in touch with one another until Chrissy approached him to buy drugs from him. 

Getting into the Groove 

Eddie Munson Stranger Things

In the meanwhile, things at high school were flourishing and striving for Eddie Stranger Things. He was starting to find his groove as well as his way in life after becoming the leader of the school’s Dungeons & Dragons club called the Hellfire Club. And even though the people of the town hated the club as they believed it was connected to the worship of Satan, Eddie was having the time of his life. He finally had a purpose in life and put it to good use by reaching out to his fellow students as well as other teenagers who felt like outsiders. But not everyone got along with Eddie as he had conflicts with the popular kids as well as the players of the Hawkins High Basketball Team. The one person that he did have trouble with was the team’s captain and Chrissy’s boyfriend named Jason Carver. 

While things were going great outside studies, the studies itself was not quite going to plan. Eddie was struggling with his grades, and his rebellious streak was not helping his case either. He was originally set to graduate in 1984, but instead, he was held back due to his poor grades. And from then on, Eddie hated the school; especially its principal. On the other hand, the popularity of The Hellfire Club was growing fast, and so was the number of its members. While the recruiting was going on for the club, the club was starting to gain prominence and was getting bigger and bigger by the day. Among the members were Mike Wheeler and Dustin Henderson. Dustin looked up to Eddie, and apart from being a role model, he was a friend of Eddie as well. Eddie told the duo to recruit more “lost” students to the D&D club.

A Great Tragedy

Eddie and Chrissy Stranger Things

Things in the life of Eddie Munson Stranger Things took a drastic turn. And in those turns of events, his life changed forever for the worse. All the success he was having before was just the highs before the lows. This change came due to a tragedy that struck in the form of Chrissy’s death while Eddie and Chrissy were doing a drug deal alone. Vecna cursed Chrissy and killed her in the most brutal fashion in Eddie’s trailer as Eddie was standing there helplessly watching the events unfold. He saw everything happen right before his eyes and wasn’t able to do anything about it. He did all he could and tried his best to prevent it from happening so that he could save Chrissy’s life. But despite all his efforts, he found his attempts unsuccessful as Vecna’s curse was too strong for Chrissy to wake up or recover from.

The sight of this scene was terrifying to look at, and if someone saw it, they would be scared by it. And Eddie was no different, as he fell backward and screamed in horror at what he was seeing. And as anyone could have predicted, he fled and ran away in fear. He ran from there as far as he could because he was scared and so that he could save his life. It is fair to say that this incident had its effects on Eddie. Apart from the grief of losing an old friend, the manner in which Chrissy died took its toll on Eddie. He was clearly traumatized by the whole situation and became frightened as a result of it. From then on, Eddie’s life will never be the same again. The memory of him witnessing a murder will haunt him for the rest of his days.

Eddie On The Run

eddie munson in jungle

The word soon got around the town as Chrissy’s body was discovered the next day. The setting, as well as the location of the murder, made Eddie the prime suspect in the murder of Chrissy. The pieces of evidence collected from the site of the murder scene suggested that Eddie was the one that killed her. All the clues pointed towards Eddie, such as the fact that Chrissy was with Eddie right before she died. All of this made the people of Hawkins town suspect Eddie as Chrissy’s murderer. And Eddie’s disappearance after the incident, as well as his involvement with Hellfire Club, did not help his case either. Even though the whole town was convinced that Eddie was Chrissy’s murderer, Max Mayfield didn’t think so. She felt there was more to this situation than meets the eye. So she decided to look into it to find out the truth.

Max went looking for Eddie with the help of Dustin Henderson, Robin Buckley, and Steve Harrington. The four of them embarked on a journey to find Eddie. As their search continued, they found out that Eddie was hiding somewhere near Reefer Rick’s home. When they went there, they found Eddie hiding under a tarp in the dock house of Reefer Rick’s home. Eddie was scared and threatened the group to leave him alone by holding a broken beer bottle to Steve’s neck. Dustin came in clutch as he diffused the tension in the room. He calmed Eddie down by saying that they were his friends and that they were on his side. Eddie then let go of Steve and was caught in survivor’s guilt after that as he mourned over Chrissy’s death. The group tried to console him and asked him how Chrissy’s death came about, to which Eddie answered.

A Manhunt Gets Underway

Eddie Munson Meeting with Friends

Eddie told the group how Chrissy died, including the manner in which it happened. The group finds the incident strange and realizes that there is another dimension that exists. They tried to look at the patterns, and after a little while, they figured out that it was the doing of Vecna and he was the one that killed Chrissy. In the meanwhile, a manhunt for Eddie was going on around the town, with the police as well as the people of the town looking for him. Eddie remained in hiding, whereas Max, Dustin, Robin, and Steve took care of him by bringing him food from time to time. The group told Eddie how police were everywhere looking for him, and as soon as they said that, the whining police sirens came about, and the police showed up. The group hid Eddie before the police could catch a glimpse of him.

On the other hand, Chrissy’s boyfriend, Jason Carver, was fuming with rage. He wanted to avenge his girlfriend’s death and was willing to take extreme measures to do so. He became obsessed with finding Eddie and went as far as beating up the members of Eddie’s band just so he could find the location where Eddie was hiding. He eventually succeeded in finding Eddie as he located him at Lover’s Lake escaping on a boat. Jason and his friend Patrick McKinney chased down Eddie, but before they could get a hold of him, Vecna appeared once again. This time Vecna cursed Patrick and drew him under the surface of the water. Patrick was murdered in the same brutal way as Chrissy after he was lifted into the air and killed by Vecna. Eddie managed to escape, enhancing Jason’s belief that Eddie was using his “satanic powers” to kill people.

The Search Continues

jason stranger things telling people about eddie

Jason is convinced that Eddie is the one that is going around killing everyone in the town. He rallied the people of Hawkins town and told them that Eddie and his Hellfire Club were behind the series of killings. The people of the town believed Jason and went looking for Eddie, who was on the run once again. With now even the people of the town hunting Eddie down, the manhunt became as intense as ever. Eddie found a safe hiding place at Skull Rock after hiking to get there. After his friends found him, Eddie told them all about the chase as well as the murder of Patrick. The group realized that it was the doing of Vecna once again, and after a while, they discovered that a gate to another dimension was nearby. They found the gate in that same Lover’s Lake, where Patrick had died.

The group began their search to find the gate at Lover’s Lake, except for Dustin, who was refused by Eddie for his safety. Steve found the gate at the bottom of the lake, but before he could tell his friend about it, a tentacle from the Upside Down grabbed him. It pulled him towards the gate, and to save her former love interest; Nancy Wheeler jumped into his rescue. Robin and Eddie jumped in as well, and the three of them saved Steve, who was being attacked by Vecna’s bats on the other side of the gate. Being freed, the group then got away from the lake and made their way to Wheeler’s home. Along the way, Eddie took notice of the mutual tension between Steve and Nancy. And to diffuse the tension between the two former love birds, Eddie gives the Eddie Stranger Things Jacket to Steve to wear.

Taking The Fight to Vecna

The Fight with Vecna

After Nancy fell under Vecna’s curse, Vecna told her that he planned to destroy the town if he killed the fourth victim. When the group got to know this intention of Vecna’s, they took action right away to prevent that from happening. The group wanted to put an end to Vecna’s reign of terror as well as his killing spree and stop him by defeating him before it was all too late. They formed a plan to defeat Vecna by going to the Upside Down with a variety of weapons they acquired at The War Zone. After a series of events and unsuccessful attempts to find the right gate to get to The Upside Down, the group finally found one in Eddie’s trailer. It turns out that Chrissy’s death had opened a gate to another dimension in Eddie’s trailer. They drop off Max, Lucas, and Erica at the Creel House.

The rest of the group went to Eddie’s trailer to enter the Upside Down through the gate. Steve, Nancy, and Robin headed towards the Creel House, whereas Eddie and Dustin stayed at Eddie’s trailer to lure the Demobats away from the house. When Demobats came swarming, Eddie and Dustin tried their best to fend them off, but they realized that they could not defend themselves anymore. They had to leave Upside Down through the gate, and as they were about to leave, Eddie backed out and opted to stay in Upside Down instead. He wanted to make amends for his past doings when he left Chrissy’s body all alone and ran away from there. He felt shame as a result of that and thought he was not a hero. So this time, he decided to stay his ground and lured the Demobats away from the gate as well as Dustin.

The Death and Untimely Demise of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things

eddie death stranger things

As brave as the decision of Eddie was, it turned out to be a costly one. The Demobats lunged and came swarming in at him. Eddie Munson, the man that everyone had underestimated until now, put his life on the line. He fought the Demobats to the best of his ability using a makeshift shield and spear. Eddie took on the Demobats and killed several of them in the process. But the swarm was too much for one man to handle, and eventually, the Demobats got the better of him. As bravely as Eddie fought, he was eventually overpowered and pinned to the ground by the Demobats. Eddie was swarmed with Demobats all over him, who started gnawing at his skin. The Demobats died after Vecna got severely injured, and Murray Bauman torched Demogorgons with a flamethrower. But the damage was done, and help came a little too late.

When Dustin came in, he quickly went to Eddie’s side to help him by saying that they would get him to a hospital. But the injuries and the wounds that Eddie suffered from the bites were too severe. He couldn’t get up from the ground as blood ran from his wounds. The end was nearing for Eddie, and everyone, including Dustin, could sense it. What initially started as an intriguing life turned out to be a heroic one in the end with this final act. As Eddie was breathing his last breath, he asked Dustin to look after Hawkins High school’s outcasts. Eddie told him that he loved him as he said his final words before he died in his arms. This last act of sacrifice is what made him a hero in the end. He gave his life to save his friends as well as the people of Hawkins.


So there you have it, folks, that is all that we have got for today. We would now like to wrap up this Eddie Munson Stranger Things blog and bring it to a close. We are glad that you stayed with us right till the end, and we hope that you had a great time reading this blog. If you need to know more about Stranger Things’ characters, such as Chrissy Cunningham and others, you can visit the blog section on our website to find detailed articles there. We also have a line of merchandise of the Stranger Things characters, which you can check out through the online store of William Jacket. If you liked reading this blog, then we suggest you stay in touch because we will be posting more articles like these on our website in the future. Until then, goodbye and have a nice one! 

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Eddie Stranger Things

How old is Eddie from Stranger Things?

Although the age of Eddie Munson Stranger Things is not exactly known, it is believed he was between 18 to 20 years of age in Stranger Things.

Who is Eddie in Stranger Things?

Eddie Munson is one of the main characters of Stranger Things, who appeared in the fourth season of the show. He is the leader of Hawkin High School’s Dungeons & Dragons club called the Hellfire Club. 
Apart from that, Eddie Munson Stranger Things is also an electric guitar player in a rock band called Corroded Coffin.

Who played Eddie in Stranger Things?

The role of Eddie Munson is played by a British actor named Joseph Quinn in the show Stranger Things.

Does Eddie get arrested in Stranger Things?

Eddie Munson Stranger Things does not get arrested, even though the police come looking for him at the dock house of Reefer Rick’s home, where Eddie was hiding. He went into hiding after the people of the town began to hunt him down as they suspected him of Chrissy’s murderer. They suspected him because he was the only one present at the time Chrissy got killed.

Do they find Eddie Stranger Things?

Max Mayfield, Dustin Henderson, Robin Buckley, and Steve Harrington were the first four people to find Eddie Munson after he went into hiding. After that, Jason Carver and his friend Patrick McKinney also manage to find Eddie Munson Stranger Things.

What happens to Eddie in Stranger Things?

After his friends found him and told him who killed Chrissy, Eddie Musnon and his friends embarked on a journey to find the gate and defeat Vecna. He then sacrifices himself for his friends and dies in a quest to stop Vecna from killing more people in town. Eddie Munson Stranger Things got severely injured by Demobats after he lured them away from the gate, as well as his friend Dustin Henderson.

Does Eddie get beat up in stranger things?

Eddie Munson Stranger Things gets beat up pretty by Demobats, who pin him to the ground and start gnawing at his skin. As a result of the bites, Eddie suffered severe injuries and wounds, with blood running from his wounds. 

Did Eddie die in Stranger Things?

Eddie Munson Stranger Things died after suffering fatal wounds and injuries from the bite of Demobats. The Stranger Things Eddie death turned out to be a heroic act as Eddie died a hero’s death to save Dustin and the people of the town.

Is Eddie Munson gay Stranger Things?

Eddie Munson is not gay at all, even though some people think he is gay because he confessed his love for Dustin Henderson before he died in his arms. Eddie Munson Stranger Things has had feelings for Chrissy Cunningham since the beginning, which suggests he was straight.

Who is Eddie Munson in Stranger Things inspired from?

The character of Eddie Munson Stranger Things is a tribute to Eddie Van Halen, who was the main guitarist, and primary songwriter of the rock band called Van Halen. Van Halen died a year before season four of Stranger Things came out. This meant that Eddie Van Halen Stranger Things was not a coincidence and was an intentional tribute to the late singer.

What happened to Eddie guitar Stranger Things?

Before Eddie Munson died, he picked up his guitars to play the most epic guitar solo in honor of Chrissy. The D&D metalhead showed off his skills and played Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” in order to lure the Demobatas away from the gate and Dustin Henderson. After the death of Eddie Munson Stranger Things, Dustin gives Eddie’s guitar pick necklace to his uncle Wayne Munson.

What is the relationship between Steve and Eddie Stranger Things? 

At first, Steve and Eddie Munson Stranger Things were jealous of each other because Dustin Henderson looked up to both of them. But by the end of the fourth season, the two developed a friendship and became very good friends.

What is the connection between Chrissy and Eddie Stranger Things?

Chrissy and Eddie Munson Stranger Things both attended Hawkins Middle School at the same time. They first met each other in the school’s talent show, in which both Eddie and Chrissy participated. Even though the two became fond of each other’s skills, they did not become friends and went their separate ways. 

Is there a friendship between Robin and Eddie Stranger Things?

Robin Buckley and Eddie Munson Stranger Things became good friends after Robin defended him when the whole time believed he was a murderer.

Where is Eddie Munson Stranger Things season 3?

Although Eddie Munson is a student at Hawkins High School and is present in the world of Stranger Things, he didn’t make an on-screen appearance in Stranger Things season 3.

What is the Eddie Munson Stranger Things vest, and where to get it?

The Eddie Munson Stranger Things vest is actually a blue denim vest with a “DIO” logo patch on the back. If you want to get Eddie Munson Vest, then you can get it through the online store of William Jacket.