Dress Yourself Up with a Bold Look from Narcos TV Series

Narcos is a drama television series that revolves around the drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. He owns the business of the production and distribution of drugs and became a billionaire by doing this business. The TV series gained immense popularity due to its fascinating story and the Narcos Outfits actors have worn. Few TV shows inspire the fans to imitate celebrity fashion, and Narcos is one of them. In winter getting ready for the events might be challenging for some people. Some people feel puzzled in selecting what outfit to layer and how to stay cozy and warm. We have introduced the Narcos Merchandise that will make things easy for you.

Let’s look into this article; we have rounded up the stylish Narcos Dresses to layer this season for a bold look.

Narcos Fashion

In most Mexican towns, men wear exotic animal-skin cowboy boots, pintado belts, silk shirts, and baseball caps or cowboy hats. Some Narcos have abandoned the cowboy or Northern look to wear high-end designer clothing in the show.

Pablo Escobar’s Unique Choice of Outfits

Pablo Escobar’s outfit has long been a point of discussion in fashion forums, courtesy of the famous criminal thriller Narcos. Based on the series, the Narcos Outfits collection was introduced by William Jacket. Narcos Jackets and Narcos Coats are available in this collection.

Narcos is now regarded as the number one series on an online streaming site in the Middle East. Wagner Moura portrayed Pablo Escobar in the show. He wore ensembles that have influenced his fans all over the world. We have reason to assume that Pablo Escobar, the protagonist of Narcos, was ahead of his time in terms of both planning and fashion. We’ll go over some of the character’s clothing without realizing how far he’d influenced the fashion trend.

Narcos Pedro Pascal Brown Cotton Jacket

Pedro Pascal Narcos Brown Cotton Jacket

What do fashion bloggers mean when they talk about “gorgeous” pieces? Is it more timeless than the universe? It’s simple for us to be a bit clearer here: we can bet that if you pick up the brown cotton jacket, you’ll want to wear it for a pretty long time than the matching bushy mustache. This fashion is attractive, belongs in the 1980s rather than the 2020s. Grab this jacket as it is more traditional and has a beautiful pattern to make it last even longer. You can pair this Narcos Pedro Pascal brown cotton jacket with a cream-colored buttoned shirt and blue jeans. Wear brown leather shoes and sunglasses for a chic style.

Narcos Pedro Pascal Blue Cotton Bomber Jacket

Messrs, Holbrook, and Pascal wore outfits in the Narcos that are particularly impressive because they are so true to life. Cops wore Members Only jackets in the early 1980s; it turns out. If you look up the original Mr. Steve Murphy on Google, you’ll instantly find an archive photo that confirms it. However, we should add that in his TV version, Mr. Pea looks to have had a style upgrade. He was sporting a cotton bomber jacket instead of a blue suit and pairing it with a loose, open-necked shirt. We wouldn’t generally mix the two, but it works in this case, in an appealingly vintage way. You can layer this bomber jacket with a brown buttoned shirt and grey jeans. Wear black leather shoes for a classy aura in gatherings.

Narcos S03 Connie Murphy Green Leather Coat

It’s time to upgrade your winter wardrobe with the Narcos outfits collection. Connie Murphy was spotted wearing this leather coat and looked fabulous in the TV series. We bring this Narcos S03 Connie Murphy Green Leather Coat for her fans. Now her fans can fulfill their dream of dressing as their favorite celebrity. Style this green leather coat with a pink and white checked-designed shirt and blue jeans. Wear below ankle boots for an edgy look at gatherings. Moreover, this jacket is stitched with real leather ensuring extra warmth.

Narcos Pedro Pascal Blue Blazer Coat

Pedro Pascal’s character from the TV series inspires this blazer coat. He was spotted wearing this blue blazer and looked stunning. Now you can layer the Narcos Pedro Pascal Blue Blazer Coat this season for modern vibes. You can pair this blue blazer with a maroon buttoned shirt and blue pants. Wear black leather shoes for a formal appearance at the events. Our professional designers have designed this blazer flawlessly by giving attention to every detail. Furthermore, this blazer is crafted with premium wool-blend material ensuring a comfortable experience all day in chilly weather.

Narcos Pedro Pascal Leather Black Jacket

Another stylish attire from the Narcos exquisite wardrobe is the Narcos Pedro Pascal Leather Black Jacket. Pedro Pascal wore this black leather jacket and looked classy. You can pair this black leather jacket with a brown buttoned shirt and blue cotton pants. Wear black leather shoes to finalize your clothing combination. In addition, this black jacket is sewn with real leather ensuring added warmth and comfort in the cold temperatures. The best thing about this jacket is that you can layer it at formal and casual events. It gives the wearer a sober yet classy look.

Narcos Martina García Blue Denim Cropped Jacket

Girls, we bring an elegant denim jacket to make your winter dressing impressive and memorable. Martina García from the TV series inspires this denim jacket. She was spotted wearing this denim jacket and looked fabulous. You can layer this blue denim jacket with a white buttoned shirt and black jeans. Wear below ankle boots to add more charm to your style. Moreover, this blue cropped jacket is crafted with a top-notch denim material.

Narcos Steve Murphy Brown Bomber Leather Jacket

Steve Murphy from the Narcos TV series inspires this bomber jacket. He was spotted wearing this bomber leather jacket and looked classy. We bring this bomber jacket for the fans. Style this brown bomber leather jacket with a grey buttoned shirt and blue jeans. Wear brown leather boots and a brown belt for a rugged style.