Dream Cosplay Costume and Other Outfits for Halloween

Dream Cosplay

The world of YouTube is on the rise, and YouTubers are the ones that are benefiting from it the most. The platform’s popularity has turned content creators around the world into global stars and has given them celebrity-like stature. Even though there are many YouTubers these days, there is one YouTuber whose videos everyone seems to love and watch, and his name is Dream. Dream is one of the biggest contest creators on the platform, having more than 31.5 million subscribers as of April 2023. He makes gaming videos in which he plays a sandbox game called Minecraft. Dream, apart from his main YouTube channel, has three more channels called Dream Shorts, DreamXD, and Dream Team Gaming. Although Dream revealed his face on October 2nd, 2022, there’s one thing that people are still curious about. And that’s his Dream Cosplay Costume, which we’ll offer to you in this blog.

How To Dress Like Dream

Dream has a signature look in which he wears a hoodie and a mask that his viewers are accustomed to seeing him the most. As iconic as the look might be, pulling it off is not exactly as hard as some might think. However, if you were to take on the Dream cosplay costume, you would need to get all of the clothing as well as accessory items to form the Dream Costume. And that is what we are here for, as we will offer you all the items of the Dream Outfit in this blog. We will list them down below, starting from clothing items to some of the accessory items that are a trademark to his look, such as his iconic mask. So this Halloween season, you can now dress as your favorite Youtuber, a.k.a Dream, and become the talk of the town. 

Dream’s Hoodie

Dream Green Hoodie

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We will kick things off in this Dream cosplay guide with the hoodie that Dream wears in all of his YouTube videos. This is the first clothing item that you’ll need to get to form the look of Dream. If you are wondering where to find the Dream Minecraft hoodie, then there’s only one place that we think you can get it from, and it is William Jacket. Their online store is offering you the Dream Hoodie that looks just like the one that Dream wears in all of his videos. The hoodie that William Jacket’s online store is offering can be worn by men as well as women of all ages. And with seven different size options available, you can find the hoodie of your size that will fit you the best. Because of this hoodie, the Dream Halloween costume for adults is now more possible than ever before.

Dream’s Shirt

Dream Shirt

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The Dream shirt can serve both as an alternative or as an addition to the hoodie. For instance, if the climate conditions get a bit cold and you fancy wearing multiple layers of clothing items, then you can wear this Dream shirt underneath the Dream hoodie. This way, you can keep yourself warm during the coldest of climates and have a shirt that matches your hoodie. While on the other hand, if the climate conditions get warm, then you can leave out the hoodie and wear this shirt instead. This shirt is very light in weight. It is designed in a way that allows as much airflow as possible so that you stay cool and comfortable at all times. This shirt comes in a variety of different color options for you to choose from so that you can wear it to complete the look of the Dream Cosplay Costume.

Jeans Pants

Jeans Pants

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As for choosing your bottoms, you can wear your favourite pair of trousers or sweatpants. But we think it would be best if you wore jeans as your bottom, as they will complement your Dream cosplay costume. We are offering you a nice pair of slim-fit stretchable jeans, which are available in no less than 19 different color options. With so many color options available, you can easily choose and wear the color you like the most. But we suggest you go with light-toned colors such as grey and light khaki brown, as they will work well with your Dream cosplay. Make sure you get the size right so that way your pants fit you right; otherwise, you will be spending all your time adjusting your jeans. Once you wear the jeans, your Dream YouTuber costume will need just the accessory items that we will feature next.

Dream’s Face Mask

Dream Face Mask

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Now we have come to probably the most important item of the whole Dream cosplay costume, and it is none other than the iconic Dream face mask. Dream’s face mask is the signature to his look, and up until recently, it did more than a fair job of hiding Dream’s identity. The mask did not interfere with Dream’s visibility, nor did it bother him in any way. Instead, it developed his YouTube persona and turned him into a global star. And that is why getting the Dream Face Mask is a must, as it will complete the look of the Dream Costume. The mask we are offering you looks just like the one Dream wears in all of his videos. And not only that, but we are also offering you multiple style options to choose from. This way, you can wear the mask and become part of the Dream SMP.

Blond Short Hair Wig

Blond Short Hair Wig

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If you are going to take on the Dream Cosplay for this year’s Halloween, you will need to match Dream’s facial features as well. So it is not just about the clothing side of things. And for that, we think you should put on a blond-colored hair wig to have your hair look the same as his. If your hair is already blond, then you don’t need to put on the wig, but if they aren’t, then putting the hair wig on is almost a must. By putting on the hair wig, you will be giving your Dream cosplay costume that extra bit of detail to stand apart from others wearing Dream cosplay. By paying attention to detail, your costume will look immaculate. And when you step out in public on Halloween day, people will appreciate you for putting in the time and effort to bring the costume to life.

Fingerless Tactical Gloves

Fingerless Tactical Gloves

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Last but not least are the gloves that are needed to complete the look of your Dream cosplay costume once and for all. If you are a true fan of Dream, then you are most likely a gamer yourself. And all gamers know that dealing with a controller is not an easy task at all. And that is why Dream stays prepared at all times by wearing fingerless tactical gloves. He wears them so that when the time comes to repeatedly tap the buttons as rapidly as possible, his gloves can get the job done for him. For that very same reason, and also because the gloves are part of his look, you will need to get them as well. We are offering you his gloves in five different color options to choose from. You can wear gloves to complete the look of your Dream Outfit for this year’s Halloween.


So there you have it; that is the end of this Dream cosplay guide. We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog and understood all the instructions and steps we mentioned above in order to take on the Dream cosplay costume on Halloween day. You will not only look the best but will also look a lot different from everyone else on this year’s Halloween if you choose to dress as Dream. However, if you need to get more Halloween costume ideas, then we have loads of Costume Guides on many other characters that you can choose to dress as on Halloween. Other than that, if you are looking to dress as your favorite superhero, then you can check out our Superhero Costume section. If you are into outwear like jackets, coats, vests, and hoodies, then you can check them out by visiting our website. Until next time goodbye.