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Comic Con is one of the unique events that people love to participate from around the world. Just like every year, people from all around the world travelled to the US State ‘California’ for the mega event 2017 aimed to achieve appreciation and awards. Comic Con is not only about dressing up like comic characters and compete in the event but it awards people who have contributed their role in making Comics more successful. There are various kinds of awards presented to the participants, which include the following:

Eisner Award

Will Eisner Comic Industry Award is one of the biggest awards presented to the participants. This award is also referred as equivalent to Oscar award of the movie industry. The award is named after an American writer and cartoonist named Will Eisner. Will Eisner was a pioneer in writing and has contributed a lot in making the comic industry what it is now. This award is presented to a number of categories and people who are best in those categories receive this prestigious award.

Eisner Retailer

Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award is also awarded at San Diego Comic Con event. This award is also named after the famous cartoonist and writer Will Eisner. People feel immense pleasure and honored in receiving award named after such a creative personality. This award is presented to only one retail store every year. The stores are nominated through peoples’ voting and the judges choose the very best among the finalists. Comicazi managed to win the 2017 Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award among the finalists, The Comic Bug, Illusive Comics and Games, Kingpin Books, Space Cadets Collection.

Icon Awards

Icon Award is presented to organizations or individuals who have a major contribution in introducing the comics and comic arts to a wider range of audience. Till date, this award has only been presented to ten cultural legends who have contributed their best to the comic industry. The last recipient to achieve this award was Sergio Aragonés in 2011. He is also known as “Mad’s Maddest Cartoonist” and “the World’s Fastest Cartoonist.” Sergio Aragonés started making its contribution to the comic industry since 1962 from the famous “Mad” magazine. Apart from the Icon Awards, he has also received multiple Eisner Awards for his contributions.

Inkpot Awards

Another award that is presented to the comic contributors is the Inkpot Award. These awards are given to individuals for their contributions to the worlds of science fiction/fantasy, comics, animation, television, film, animation, and other services.

Other Things

Beside the amazing rewards to various individuals, the things that make it more entertaining and the time to enjoy for the general public is they got the chance to showcase their favorite superhero, villain or other famous character. With the jackets on our site, you will come across with the best design and high-quality constructed wearable that are made inspired from the movie, games and various television series. It consists of the jackets that are not only the belongings of famous celebrities but are the block buster hits of them. You would feel lucky after getting the high-quality jacket for men and women from the site.
You are ensured not to be disillusioned by the quality in light of the fact that these outfits are made utilizing the absolute best materials. You won’t need to stress over the item going on for a brief timeframe. Low rates, extraordinary quality, precise fitting and incredible rebates are an affirmation. Look at it and prepare yourself to have an altogether new affair and take taking on the appearance of your most loved character to another level.

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