Best Ways to Wear Shearling Jacket in Winter

Best Ways to Wear Shearling Jacket in Winter

Shearlings — be it shearling jackets, coats, boots, or anything – are one of the top trends for guys that you should certainly be following this fall/winter. They are warm, inviting, and quite fashionable. So, what do you have to lose? As quickly as possible, get your hands on them! Being one of the most useful pieces of winter apparel that will not only keep you warm but also make you look nice.

Such jackets have been featured prominently in several designer collections, making them a must-have for the season. Because these jackets have been around for a long time, some people may believe they are outdated, but we want to change that impression with this article. You will undoubtedly fall in love with this trend due to the numerous designs available. There are many types of shearling jackets which are famous today men shearling jacket, hooded shearling jacket,  shearling bomber jacket, and  men shearling coats. 

How To Wear Shearling Jacket For Men

Because of the wide range of colors, styles, and brands available, putting together an ensemble using shearling jackets isn’t difficult. There has to be one that looks well on you for any occasion with so many alternatives to select from. Jackets may completely change your appearance. You may wear them everywhere, from professional meetings to casual strolls, and make your own statement. So, if there’s one item of apparel you should get this winter, make it a shearling jacket. Of course, you may always choose the less expensive imitations, but let’s be honest: the originals are unrivaled. These jackets are available in a variety of styles. Some of the most popular are:

It is important to know what are the Best Ways to Wear Shearling Jacket in Winter. So follow the below guideline if you want to know how to style shearling jackets. 

Choose A-2 Leather Flying jacket for Styling Shearling Jacket

The A-2 leather flying jacket was approved as standard-issue US Army gear in 1931, making it 90 years old by our estimates. It was worn by Allied airmen during WWII and is still considered a military fashion classic today. While it isn’t officially a complete shearling jacket — that honour goes to another US Army uniform, the B-3, which was famously worn by General George S Patton. 

Power Book III Marvin Shearling Jacket

Try Blue Denim shirt and camo Pattern with Shearling Jacket

Shearling is heavy by nature, and as a result, it doesn’t lend itself to layering.  This gentleman’s ensemble, which features a shearling-lined denim jacket as only one of four hefty layers. Working with a variety of complimentary colours and textures is key to pulling off a design like this: between the faded blue denim and the camo pattern. The white shearling trim provides even more contrast, striking out against the black of the hoodie.

Take a Military Field Jacket with shearling Jacket 

Shearling is a tough material that makes no attempt to disguise its animal roots. but that doesn’t mean it can’t be polished, modern, or luxury. This upmarket take on a military field jacket (notice the four separate flap pockets positioned on the front) is rendered in high-grade leather and completed with a cream-colored shearling collar. 

Go with Full Length Sleeves for styling Shearling jacket

For many years, the full-length shearling jacket has suffered under the weight of. It’s still known in the United Kingdom as the outfit of legendary football commentator Mr. John Motson and Derek “Del Boy” Trotter, the hapless wheeler-dealer from Only Fools And Horses. Mr. Joe Namath, the lavish, fur-loving Super Bowl champion from across the water, was a fan. It was later modelled after Mr. Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Bane, Batman’s masked antagonist, in The Dark Knight Rises. Yes, it’s a large style, and it may feel a little costumey in the wrong hands. But if you have the courage to pull it off. 

His Dark Materials Lord Asriel Shearling Jacket
His Dark Materials Lord Asriel Shearling Jacket
  • Bomber Stylizing with Shearling Jacket 

The US Air Force originally selected the padded nylon MA-1 jacket as its new military standard in the 1950s. The development of jet engines had made it possible to construct planes that could fly at much higher altitudes, and the heavy leather jackets worn during WWII were no longer suitable. The MA-1 bomber jacket, like its founders, has transcended its military roots to become a staple of the civilian wardrobe, although one that is a little more young than the A-2 and B-3 jackets. The upper layer of a modern street fashion ensemble, worn here with a utility vest, is a designer version with a shearling collar.

  • Take Inspiration from 1970

What’s the greatest way to appreciate shearling jacket softness? You can’t go wrong with a teddy-bear brown jacket as a starting point. With a monochromatic appearance that pays homage to the 1970s.  the gentleman in this photograph displays a strong, lavish approach toward personal style.   Note the brown-lens eyeglasses and camel-brown pants, which follow the jacket’s retro-inspired colour scheme. His black Perfect leather jacket, though, provides a hard-edged contrast to the earthy tones and soft textures of the rest of the ensemble.