Best costumes from Comic-Con 2020

The Comic-Con festival is the rendezvous you can’t miss if you’re a true comic fan. Whether it’s the Marvel Universe or DC Comics, the list of superheroes is long. It is the main event for all fans of anime, games, comics, and movies. Through this, it was not only fans of the universe, but also cosplay fans who showed up at the Montreal Comic-con with completely crazy costumes. For those who are less familiar with cosplay, this is the union of the words “costume” and “play” to look like your favorite character. 

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Every year, Comic-Con gets brighter and more interesting, and the costumes created by festival visitors are fabulous. Comic-Con remains an event that brings together, certainly, fans of comics but also Pop Culture in general; you will meet fans of cinema, series, video games, comics, manga. You can choose to dress up as you wish without your disguise necessarily having a connection with the world of comics.

You make this event an outing with the kids; dress up as a family for the Comic-Con. Here again, it’s a great idea because your children will flourish in front of cosplayers and their fabulous costumes. The atmosphere is always good and your little scoundrels will be proud to be, too, disguised as their favorite heroes.

Among the cosplayers, there were not only singles but also couples in suitable costumes, as well as entire families. Women’s suits, as you might expect, also attracted attention. Girls preferred not only costumes of Disney princesses, but also something hot in the literal sense-for example, a Ghost Rider. The costumes of Poison Ivy, the Fatal Widow, Catwoman, and even Darth Maul with Mega Men in female performance were also pleasing to the eye.

For this particular date, there are women who also choose costumes a little daring. Without a doubt there are endless options in women’s costumes for comic-con that can make this date a special moment, you just need to choose the most suitable for the style and personality of each. There are women who choose costumes of other earthly characters such as; the Black Widow, The Weeping Woman, The Nun, the film El Conjuro or some zombie, among others.

The favorites are those of villains or witches, characterized by having a terrifying makeup, a pointed hat or even a broom. But each of these costumes can have unique characteristics according to the personality and style of those who wear them. If your favorite movies are horror movies, then disguise yourself as an evil clown with the costumes of Harley Quinn.

On the other hand, there are less terrifying options that can be used and especially for mothers who want to accompany their children to ask for sweets at these times as superheroines, or even TV series characters.