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Anne Hathaway Outfits in Modern Love TV Series

Anne Hathaway Outfits in Modern Love TV Series

Modern Love is an American comedy anthology T.V series. John Carney created this series which is based on the weekly column of the New York Times. It was released on Amazon Prime Video on October 18, 2019. The episode’s duration is 35 minutes. Anne Hathaway Outfits in Modern Love are famous. Its second season is renewed in October 2019 and released on August 13, 2021.

The show stars John Slattery, Dev Patel, Oscar victor Anne Hathaway, Andy Garcia, Emmy champ Tina Fey, Jane Alexander, and others. T.V series has received positive reviews from critics, and it has got an 8.0/10 rating on IMDB.

What you can Expect in its Main Plot:

The Modern Love story is based on the column of the New York Times, and a story is about human connection, love, and relationships. An improbable friendship. A lost love turns back again. Marriage at its defining moment. A date that may not have been a date. An unusual new family. 

These are some exciting stories of complications of love and joys; each story in the show is based on a real-life personal essay of the New York Times column.

The Modern Love TV Series Outfits Designer Reveals Details About the Costumes:

There is a lot we will discuss how apparel and romance are linked. Whether choosing an outfit for your first date or going shopping mall to shop for your loved ones, it isn’t easy to find the exact apparel from a T.V series.

Costume designer Lucy Corrigan designed outfits for the star-studded cast of this fantastic series, Modern Love. She had to design the outfits according to the characters.

In one of the fantastic episodes of the series, Anne Hathaway had sung and danced for joy when she was involved in her new relationship, but she stopped herself when her bipolar disorder caused mood swings.

It’s a very stylized episode, and characters appear on the screen in beautiful color combinations and textures-the designed costume is stunning and elegant. You will see some fabulous costumes throughout the season, but all the outfits are sensible and appropriate. Corrigan designed the dresses that are not window dressing at all. These dresses enhance the appearance of characters in the show.

The Costume Designer’s experience Working for Modern Love TV Series with different directors:

Lucy Corrigan: I remember the time when we were shooting, sometimes working for three stories together. We were shooting one, and afterward, I was working on two others. It was tough, but I managed my work. When I was at the premiere party, the actors gave me feedback that the costumes were stunning and helped them find the character’s true feelings in the wardrobe. Their positive feedback was constructive and made me happy.

Modern Love Merchandise

The T.V series is quite popular among the viewers due to its unique storyline and fabulous outfits. William Jacket is one of the renowned fashion brands. We present you with the Modern Love Merchandise, which comprises Lexi Modern Love Orange Coat, Anne Hathaway Modern Love Coat, Modern Love Jeff Trench Coat, and other gorgeous outfits.

Enough of this chit-chat, Let’s check out some of the stunning outfits below.

Lexi Modern Love Orange Coat

Anne Hathaway portrayed the character of Lexi Donohoe in the show, and her character inspires this Lexi Donohoe Modern Love Orange Coat. Fashion is all about how you express yourself in terms of fashion style and appearance. This coat has been composed of wool-blend material, and it is perfect for this winter season. Moreover, you can wear it at casual gatherings.

Lexi Modern Love Orange Trench Coat
Lexi Donohoe Modern Love Orange Coat

Modern Love Lexi Pink Coat

Most of the viewers have admired the character of Lexi Donohoe. She has worn this coat in the show. Moreover, Modern Love Lexi Donohoe Pink Coat has been composed of wool-blend material. Since the release of the series, this coat has become famous among the fans of Lexi Donohoe. Grab this coat from William Jacket and stay classy forever. 

Modern Love Jeff Trench Coat 

Jeff has worn this coat in the show. Gary Carr has beautifully portrayed the character of Jeff in the show. This coat has been composed of wool blend material, and it has a soft viscose lining inside it, which gives you the utmost comfort and warmth. When you wear a Modern Love Jeff Trench Coat, you will be the center of attraction in gatherings. Grab this coat from William Jacket for an impressive look.

Modern Love Lexi Pink Coat
Modern Love Lexi Pink Coat

Modern Love Lexi Brown Coat

It is essential to follow the fashion trends in today’s date, and this brown coat is in trend these days. Moreover, Lexi Donohoe has worn this coat in the show. Since the release of the show, fans have become crazy and adored Modern Love Lexi Brown Coat. This coat is must-have apparel to add to your wardrobe for this winter season.