An Absolute Guide to Look Perfect in Leather Jacket in this winter

An Absolute Guide to Look Perfect in Leather Jacket in this winter

Discover our selection of men’s and women’s coats for winter 2019-2020. Thanks to our shopping guide, we will guide you to find the perfect coat that will accompany you all winter and even for several years. We will explain the trends for the autumn/winter season 2020 in men’s jackets and coats, our favorites, as well as practical information to make the right choice, be fashionable and trendy. With William Jacket, we provide you with the high quality of leather-based jackets at low and affordable rates. Buying a leather jacket in the winter season is always a tough choice. Here is the complete guide about what to wear in this winter season for a perfect look.

Leather jackets

The leather jacket the coat that does not wear out and that is paginated over time. That’s why buying a leather jacket is a real long-term investment. Despite the years, there is little chance that it loses its style, it is obviously the big difference with the leatherette that does not have these advantages. The leather jacket is always a good choice for the persons who want to be in perfect and elegant looks.


The men’s parka is a coat designed to fight the cold and bad weather. It usually has a hood, an impermeable fabric, and is padded. We like it’sa very casual style adapted to everyday life. Wear it with a black outfit for a unique and elegant look.

Winter Dress Coats

The dress coat for winter is the famous coat of William Jacket, it is a coat that reminds the sailors. Generally available in blue or black wool cloth for the most popular colors. The winter dress coatsare distinguished from other men’s coats in particular by its double buttoning, its wide collar and its timeless elegant style.

Pea Coats           

The coats that are immediately associated with winter and especially with the mountains. Generally offered in blue and black woolen cloth for the most popular colors. These coats stand out for the other men’s coat, particularly by its double buttoning, its wide collar and its elegant style.

Down Jackets

The down jackets are coats that are immediately associated with winter and more particularly with the mountains. Thanks to the padding that can be offered with feathers and down, the down jacket can keep you warm and long. The trend is towards thin and close-fitting puffer jackets. William jackets offer you with the high quality of down leather-based jackets.

Duffle Coats

The duffle-coat is a coat of English origin made of a material called the duffle and traditionally has a hood. The singularity of the duffle-coat comes from its strings and small wooden cones called Brandenburg’s.  The duffle coat has a small style a vintage trend.


The overcoat is a long coat that has a plated collar V and is closed by 2 or 3 buttons. Long reserved for bankers and businessmen the overcoat has been democratized in recent years to such an extent that it is the trendy coat of the moment. You can wear your elegant style on a daily basis.