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10 female superheroes who depict women empowerment

Gamora Guardians of The Galaxy 2 Zoe Saldana Jacket

Heroes are people who stand up to evil and fight to do well, even though it seems hard to fight, even though they don’t have to. Like the women of the real world, to achieve the rank of their male equivalent. These women, most notably, have taken their stories to the big screen and set a standard for women’s influence everywhere. 

Here we will discuss some female superheroes who depict women’s empowerment.

Agent Carter:

Since the ’40s, we may not have seen her in combat condition, but Peggy will always be the MCU’s, First Lady. There were a lot of powerful women in these movies, and even a few who were introduced before she was, but Peggy lived in a time when, more than any other time we saw in those movies, women who wanted to do more with their lives than marry and have children were especially unfriendly.

Aunt May:

These films are ultimately made for real people, as Aunt May is a real woman. She is charming and friendly, a caring mother figure with her own personality. 

Without any superpowers, elite training, she offers a support system for Peter and ‘larbs’ him. So, Aunt May is a female superheroes who depict women empowerment.

Scarlet Witch:

This is another most motivated woman of MCU as she has many superpowers. In the Age of Ultron, Wanda incapacitates all the Avengers, but the full extent of her strength is not exposed until she almost defeats Thanos herself in Infinity War while breaking the Mind Stone.


Gamore is another female superhero who depicts women empowerment. She was given a chance to be produced as a character before her relationship with Peter took a turn for the romantic, not just a fighter or a female character.

Gamora was revealed as the deadliest woman in the galaxy. But when she was introduced, Guardians of the Galaxy’s world was already new for the franchise. She never proved herself superheroes as other women but she was, in fact, instrumental in creating the galaxy.


Hela is also the only woman in an MCU movie to be the main villain, who depicts women empowerment. Historically, one of the most powerful characters in the world of Asgard, the daughter of Odin, the Goddess of Death, was cast out by her father when her abilities were too great for him to control them. She was one of the Marvel villains that had comprehensible motives for their behavior.

Black Widow:

She became the complicated character fans who even in her death would recall. Her personality and various abilities are brought to light, and she starts to feel less like a character of help, and more like the heroine, she was supposed to be.

Other female superheroes are mentioned here:

  • Okoye
  • Captain Marvel
  • Valkyrie
  • Commander Hill

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